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Književni RIP

אַף אֶחָד

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I've seen all I want to see and I know all I want to know. I just look forward to death.
He might hear you, Suttree said.
I wisht he would, said the ragpicker. He glared out across the river with his redrimmed eyes at the town where dusk was settling in. As if death might be hiding in that quarter.
No one wants to die.
Shit, said the ragpicker. Here's one that's sick of livin. Would you give all you own?
The ragman eyed him suspiciously but he did not smile. It wont be long, he said. An old man's days are hours.
And what happens then?
After you're dead.
Dont nothin happen. You're dead.
You told me once you believed in God.
The old man waved his hand. Maybe, he said. I got no reason to think he believes in me. Oh I'd like to see him for a minute if I could.
What would you say to him?
Well, I think I'd just tell him. I'd say: Wait a minute. Wait just one minute before you start in on me. Before you say anything, there's just one thing I'd like to know. And he'll say: What's that? And then I'm goin to ast him: What did you have me in that crapgame down there for anyway? I couldnt put any part of it together.
Suttree smiled. What do you think he'll say?
The ragpicker spat and wiped his mouth. I dont believe he can answer it, he said. I dont believe there is a answer.


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Put sam citala samo jednom, nemoguce je zaboraviti sve osecaje koji te plave tokom i nakon citanja. Nezaboravno, kao i ostala njegova dela. Znam da je bio star, ali neki ljudi zaista ne treba da umiru, preveliki je gubitak

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Sa velikom tugom videh naslov o smrti Kundere. Moj najdraži pisac. Počelo je nestašno sa Smešnim ljubavima i nastavilo se do kraja.


Zbogom majstore.

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19 minutes ago, Milošica said:

Da li je ispravno ovo sa Nove S - "Francuski pisac češkog porekla"?

Francuzi redovno svojataju - i Gaspar Noe je Francuz.

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