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Nikko D'Ambrosio, a 31-year-old Chicago-area resident, alleges negative dating reviews about him posted to the city's subgroup of the Facebook phenomenon — which has more than 80,000 members — ruined his reputation and subjected him to defamation, doxxing, emotional distress and more. The suit names nearly 30 women — including the group's moderators — one woman's male relative, a multitude of Meta and Facebook properties, Patreon, GoFundMe and AWDTSG, Inc. — which owns and operates the network of groups and its website.

D'Ambrosio claims the character assassination began in November, when one defendant he had gone on a few dates with earlier in the year posted his photo to the page along with "false and defamatory" statements about him, then deleted it and reposted it anonymously after he reached out to her.

One anonymous user said D'Ambrosio was "very clingy very fast," "kept talking about how I don't want to see his bad side" and texted her on a different phone once she blocked his number. Other comments show red flag emojis or say he "ghosted" them.

D'Ambrosio is seeking injunctive relief preventing any other "false claims" be published about him along with the $75,000 in damages.




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zukerberg pred senatom


a evo i rešetanja




nezamisliovo mi je čak i za eu zemlju da ovako pred najvišom instancom istrkeljišu osobu koja spada u 10 najbogatijih na svetu, a zbog medija kojim raspolaže vrv i među najmoćnijim osobama


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Krajnje je vreme da se uvede red u desavanja na internetu. Devojcice su postale zrtve AI generisanog porna, mislim da se cak i u Srbiji to desavalo. Previse se losih stvari dozvoljava da cirkulise i da kao niko nije kriv. 

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Baš jezivo, ja pogledao samo 5min klipove sa FB CEO i ovim iz TikTok, ne mogu da zamislim na šta je ličilo celo ispitivanje.

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Yap, crepalo sve. 


Prvo sam se uzentao da mi je neko klepio nalog, ali kad sam video da još ljudi kuka, malko mi laknulo.

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