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At the risk of extreme arrogance, I would put the first season of Lost alongside any accomplishment in television drama, including those of the idols who made me want to work in the medium.


Even though I quit the show after its second season -- never to watch it again until the series finale -- I have never ceased to be fiercely proud, and defensive, of our accomplishments as a writing staff, and those of the show's creators.


If you are reading this, it might be because you asked me how it all began and I sent you here. Or it might be because -- as still happens with depressing regularity -- one of the show's detractors, be that a critic, or, more vexingly, someone who has just created a show and wants to make sure the media realizes that they are above making the mistakes we made (all the while cribbing our best moves) has come out purporting yet again to have some sort "proof" that "the writers of Lost did not know what they were doing."


Eleven years on, even with all the media coverage, pre- and post-mortem interviews, reviews, critiques, tributes, lookbacks, and “oral histories”... even though Lost might as well hold a record as the most over-documented series in the history of television, many still feel like a definitive version of how we made the show has yet to be told.


This is not that.


... (i tako dalje, predugo je za kopiranje ovde, ostatak - http://okbjgm.weebly.com/lost)


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Konacno krenuo da gledam Lost pre oko metar dana. Kad mu je bilo vreme smorio se posle 5 epizode I sezone. Pri, ovom, drugom pokusaju fino me radila serija do IV sezone, finale III sezone bilo odlicno, ali posle... majko mila, kakve budalastine. Ekipa sa broda, flash forwardi ... Mislim da cu da batalim i ostanem u neznanju.

Btw nema dobrih riba u lostu, odnosno bila bi mira furlan da je malo mladja :)




Hvala na paznji!

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