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RG 21 - kroz blato do GS19


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1 hour ago, Jumanji said:

Da li ce se pojaviti ove godine na W :)



Ko zna, bice manje karata.


Iz danasnjeg mejla od AELTC-a (bold moj):




Dear jms_uk

Today marks two weeks to go to the beginning of The Championships 2021, and our long-awaited return since the last ball was struck on 12 July 2019.

We are continuing to work with the government and public health authorities on the final scenario for the event. These discussions are taking place in light of the potential delay to Step 4 in the government roadmap, and we understand the Prime Minister may address this in an announcement today. Further to this announcement, on Wednesday 16 June, the AELTC will provide an update on the final decisions for this year, including ticketing capacities, any spectator requirements such as Covid-status certification, and prize money, with tickets likely to go on sale in the following days. As part of our myWimbledon family, you will be the first to know when tickets are available.


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inace, da li smo se zahvalili otvaracu topika? :dry:

A slučajnom idejnom tvorcu naziva slema? [emoji6]

Usput, može mala molba da - ko god otvara WimbEl20n speluje po starom dobrom običaju [emoji4]


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2 hours ago, Jumanji said:



I jos malo gospodje ;)


Da li ce se pojaviti ove godine na W :)



Evo je. Biće tu tokom Vimbldona kao srećna amajlija za Noleta...


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51 minutes ago, Ros said:

onaj ko sedi na tom mestu ce sigurno moci nabaviti karte


inace, da li smo se zahvalili otvaracu topika? :dry:

Otvaraj i Wimbledon, molim te!👍👍👍

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Dakle, sad znamo da je mali zaradio reket koucingom i podrskom kad je bilo tvrdo i kad je vecina digla ruke. Posteno i zasluzeno.

Mozda je to uvod u jednu karijeru. :D

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2 hours ago, Ros said:

onaj ko sedi na tom mestu ce sigurno moci nabaviti karte



Wimbledon's men's and women's finals will be played in front of full capacity crowds - the first UK outdoor sporting events to do so since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The tournament, starting on 28 June, will begin with 50% ground capacity.

That will then rise throughout the tournament before the two finals on the 15,000-capacity Centre Court.

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Premotavam sad meč, 4 gem trećeg seta, 11 minuta, Nole pravi brejk.


Nema šta Cicipas nije pokušao da se izvuče, ali se ovaj navrzao, nikada tačnija poslovica, ko' smrt na babu dok nije uzeo brejk. 


Tačno si video kako ga lomi i kako ovom postaje jasno da je najebao, ne samo u tom gemu.

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