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  1. 1. Igranje SWTOR-a

  2. 2. Najviše očekujem od

    • Role play dela (Uživanje u priči)
    • PvE (Fokus na Questovima, levelovanju i borba protiv neljudskih neprijatelja)
    • PvP (Borba između ljudskih igrača)
  3. 3. MMORG

    • Igrao već, ohohoho
    • Ovo će mi biti prvi MMORG
    • Nikad neću igrati, imam život

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Players of recently released MMO titan Star Wars: The Old Republic have uncovered a bug that allows them to avoid enemy attacks entirely.As reported by our friends over at Rock Paper Shotgun, entering the command /getdown not only begins the game's social character dances - it also causes your opponent's attacks to be continually interrupted. BioWare has taken a tough stance on players it deems to have broken The Old Republic's Terms of Service, so experiment at your own risk. Safer to watch the video of the exploit in action below.Expect a patch imminently.

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Mislim da ću okrenuti barem i smugglera nakon JK sentinela posle ovoga :)
Ajde da se nađemo na istom serveru sa drugim karakterom. Ja sam isto mislio smugglera, mada mi se sviđa kako trooper vangard radi posao...
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Meni još nije stigao renew, jerbo su mi diskovi stigli malo kasnije.Proverih sada, sutra mi je billing date.
Gl onda. Trebaće ti.Sent from my HTC Wildfire S A510e using Tapatalk
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