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“While free speech is important, you have to account for asymmetries of power and other barriers that stop people from speaking freely,” chair Lizzie O’Shea said.

“Musk’s style of free speech absolutism will tilt the scales in favour of the rich and powerful who can silence or bully critics. What Musk really seems to want is freedom from accountability.

“Musk’s proposed approach to content moderation will likely make Twitter a less safe place for many people to speak freely while allowing powerful disinformation and propaganda campaigns to spread unchecked.”

Electronic Frontiers Foundation said any move away from allowing anonymous accounts on the platform would have the effect of reducing free speech.

“Pseudonymity and anonymity are essential to protecting users who may have opinions, identities, or interests that do not align with those in power,” EFF said.

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2 minutes ago, Filozof manijak said:

Da li će doći do egzodusa slobodnomsećih twiteraša na neku drugu platformu?

Mozda je vec krenulo , samo iznenadjuje izbor platforme


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4 hours ago, Filozof manijak said:

zakoni tržišta >>>>>>>> sloboda govora

Maskova guzica >>>>>>>>>> sve


(I.e. kao i svakom ostvarenom kapitalisti, jebe se njemu za zakone trzista. Osim ako jedan podskup u datom trenutku ne ide u njegovu korist. Onda je sve otvoreno trziste, ista sansa za sve, ludilo od srece i ostvarenja, ko je protiv taj je Marks licno)

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e, koja je fora sa ovom slikom Maska sa ovom nekom gospojom u svečanoj odjeći, vidim da svi to šeruju, odakle je to, šta je priča, to mu je neka treba iz "mommy issues" faze ili šta?



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