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  • 2 weeks later...

do jaja su ovi recapovi:

Week 1Powered by Automated Insights NY Gets Upset Against St. Louis CardinalsNY (1-0) 111St. Louis Cardinals (0-1) 88NY (1-0) defeated St. Louis Cardinals (0-1) 111 - 88, led by Demaryius Thomas with 23 points. Heading into Sunday, NY was in front 19 - 7. They lost the handle after the early Sunday games and trailed 76 - 54. Sunday night came to an end with NY up by 15 and they stayed on top through the rest of the matchup.NY Smooth MovesThe 23 points scored by Demaryius Thomas ranked 10th in the league this week.NY saw the majority of their starters (6 of 9) beat their projected point total.The 15 points scored by Ryan Fitzpatrick outpaced his 5.55-point scoring projection by 170.3%.NY saw both of their starting RBs top their projections.St. Louis Cardinals Regret TrackerRyan Williams had the lowest point total in the matchup with 1 point.NY saw their RBs beat those on St. Louis Cardinals 22 - 9.St. Louis Cardinals was dominated at the TE position, scoring 5 points versus the 14 for NY.St. Louis Cardinals was not able to win even though only 4 of their 9 starters fell short of their projected point total.Eli Manning fell short of his scoring projection with 7 points, just 49.7% of his projected 14.09.What IfBesides St. Louis Cardinals, NY would have defeated six other teams this week.If NY had scored 48 more points, they would have beaten all teams in the league this week.Besides NY, St. Louis Cardinals would have been defeated by 11 other teams this week.St. Louis Cardinals would have needed an additional 71 points to beat all teams in the league this week.Game NotesThe 23.00-point margin of victory by NY was the second-biggest win in the league this week.The 88 points put up by St. Louis Cardinals ranked 13th in the league this week.In the loss, Drew Brees had the fifth-highest QB score in the league this week with 18 points.Although St. Louis Cardinals lost, Nate Washington played well, bringing in 85.7% more points than was projected (13 points against a projected 7.00).Although NY won, they got little help from Marques Colston, who only put up 9 points of a projected 14.11.NY won the matchup even though Kevin Ogletree was left on the bench where he scored 32 points, the most of any WR on the team.St. Louis Cardinals failed to reach their projected total, while NY exceeded their scoring projection.
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Navikli smo... Kad slepo pratiš ESPN fantazi komičare...
da, ja sa bas poznat po tome da verujem fantasy so called expertima :lol:a ovom makedonskom govedu McFadden imao 24 poena, od cega 13 na hvatanja... 13 jebenih uhvacenih lopti mu ima RB... to samo ti i on, ni Ivana ne moze toliko da sere
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nakon najgoreg rezultata u prvom kolu, postoje sanse da imam najbolji rezultat u drugom :D (vodim trenutno sa 151 poenom... jos mi je Tate sa 25 poena ostao na klupi). ubili ovi moji svi od reda, Witten sa 9 poena jedini koji nije dvocifren.najbolji duel kola svakako Prlapan-hattori. 149-135 vodi Prlapan, ali aprljavi™ administrator(titjer je prljavi, jeli) ima jos Gaytona. ikar je naguzio Ivana(jebote, tog coveka bije i autodraft :lol:), mandingovi i titjerovi protivnici poslovicno najgori i tako, sve po starom, jeli...

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suck it up... bitches!

Retired Pirates amassed the highest score of the week, clobbering Ugrinowtzi Peasants 151 - 101. It was a story for the grandchildren, and the 50-point margin of victory was the highest recorded in the league this season.
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