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Mars - Rover Curiosity

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Jel' ovo odbaceni heat shield?
Curiosity Bids Goodbye to Heat ShieldThis video of thumbnail images from the Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) on NASA's Curiosity rover shows the heat shield dropping away from the rover on Aug. 5 PDT (Aug. 6 EDT). It covers the first 25 seconds of MARDI observations as Curiosity descends toward the surface of Mars, starting about two and one-half minutes before touchdown. The video starts in darkness because there is no illumination inside the aeroshell. It starts about six seconds before heat shield separation (sometimes called heat shield jettison). About one-quarter of the way into this video, the heat shield starts to move away from the rover and back shell, and sunlight illuminates the inside surface of the heat shield. Over the course of the next 19 seconds, we see the heat shield falling away from the lander as the lander rapidly slows under the parachute. The heat shield is 15 feet (4.5 meters) across.
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'There's a popular belief that projects like this are going to be very advanced but there are things that mitigate against that. These designs were proposed in 2004, and you don't get to propose one specification and then go off and develop something else. 2MP with 8GB of flash [memory] didn't sound too bad in 2004. But it doesn't compare well to what you get in an iPhone today.'
There are three ways for Curiosity, to broadcast data back to Earth - but it's only the UHF transmitter that can be used for transmitting the amounts of data required for sending back images. 'The UHF antenna transmits to two spacecraft orbiting Mars, which relay the results back to Earth. That's where most of the data is coming from. It gives us on the order of 250 megabits per day, and that's got to be shared between a bunch of instruments, so there's not much bandwidth for the cameras.' Ravine explains.
WTF, pa to je oko 31 megabajt! Dnevno!!! :cry:
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Na trećoj panorami, i drugoj slici pomalo se vide veći komadići tla na vozilu to mora da je podiga kran sa svojim raketama, ima i slika pomalo sprženog terena od raketa, mislim da je na ovoj dole panorami to deo iznad vozila, skroz levo...mada nisam siguran.Prilično dobro provlače ove slike ako im je stvarno tako mali protok...edit:ako smara samo kačenje slika reciteedit2:eh, eno kod time k na http://www.parapsihopatologija.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17796&st=75#entry1861729 vide se scorch marks na prvoj slici

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Čekajte, vi stvarno verujete da je ovo sletelo na Mars? Pa ovo je očigledno slikano negde u Arizoni.Just kidding, of course.
Da, verujemo.
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Čekajte, vi stvarno verujete da je ovo sletelo na Mars? Pa ovo je očigledno slikano negde u Arizoni.
Naravno, John Ford slikao, lokacija Monument Valley, klasika. :D
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