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Majstori fotografije


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43 minutes ago, Indy said:


Koga interesuje, ima jedan Ozi globtroter Nejt koji je kao naša ciklo Regica na putu već desetak godina, a ljubitelj je ex-Yu brutalističke arhitekture (mislim da sam na nekoj drugoj temi ranije kačio njegovu priču o arhitekturi Novog Beograda), ima i on fotke o ex-Yu spomenicima, nisu ni izdaleka dobre kao od ove Kineskinje iznad, ali mu je zato priča o njima savršena.


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For more than 60 years, British photographer Terry O'Neill, who died in November 2019, photographed many of the biggest names from the worlds of film, fashion and music. 

A new exhibition at the Maddox Gallery in Gstaad, Switzerland shows off some of his best work, alongside his recollections.


Ovde ima puno slika, kao i ceo katalog u PDF-u.


BBC clanak ima i neke interesantne price uz fotke:





"I was asked by one of the magazines to take a photo of the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress. Faye Dunaway was the odds-on favourite to win an Oscar for her performance in Network.

"I didn't want to take the photo everyone else would take: you know, the one right after - where they look surprised, happy - holding up their shiny new Oscar. 

"I wanted to capture something different. I wanted to capture the morning after. 

"I explained the idea to Faye and told her, 'listen, if you win, meet me by the pool at dawn. And bring the Oscar'.

"She was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I knew the guy who worked the pool. I asked him to let us in for a few minutes and then arranged the papers and the breakfast tray. I had it all set when she suddenly appeared, in her dressing gown, Oscar in hand.

"This photo was just us. There was no stylists or PR, no lighting or assistants. And it only took a few moments. 

"A few years later, I married her. A few years after that, we divorced."


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Otkrice, barem za mene: Julia Margaret Cameron.

Fotografije iz perioda cirka 1860 - 1880, dal' мекоцртачи, dal' talent, dal' - a sigurno jeste - i nešto preko toga...

Obaska i kao dokument za prilog proucavanju viktorijanstva...









Tennyson, ponovo...






...ponovo Carlyle...










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