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The X-Files - Trust no one

Frank Pembleton

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Hoće li je neko napokon od ekipe očešljati onako kako Skali nosi frizuru?





"There's a big dialogue about my f--king hair," she told EW. The Emmy winner said while they filming they were surrounded by hundreds of fans on the street, all of them snapping pictures, sharing and closely analyzing them. That's where the wig revelation came from. "I appreciate their enthusiasm, but goodness me!"

According to Anderson, she was ready and looking forward to becoming a fiery redhead again, but she was warned she may not come out of the process with all her hair. Recent TV gigs including Crisis, Hannibal and The Fall did a number on her locks. While shooting the second season of The Fall, the crossover hit drama costarring Jamie Dornan, Anderson said her hair started falling out. If she dyed her hair red and then back to blonde for The Fall season three, well, there may not be much hair left to work with.

"So yeah, unfortunately, it is a wig," she said of Scully's hair. But it's going to get redder, according to EW. However, it hurts. "I mean, every day, I have a whopping headache. And so I'm paying for that decision. I want all the fans to know that I'm suffering for the red!"

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