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Evo sad na CNNu u potpisu: "policija saopstila troje mrtvih". Dvoje talaca i otmicar. Sad saopstavaju da je sestoro ranjeno. Uf... :(

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pa jel to on ubio dva taoca ili sta?

ne saopstavaju jos


"Commissioner Scipione says the decision to enter the Lindt cafe at about 2:00am (AEDT) rested with the teams at the scene. 

"Well, that's a decision that was made by the teams responsible," he said. 
"These are the experts. What we don't do is compete with those who have to make that call. 
"They made the call because they believed at that time, if they didn't enter there would have been many more lives lost."
When asked if the hostages were caught in the crossfire, Commissioner Scipione said: "Again, as a result of an exchange of gunfire inside those premises, police moved in". 
"At this stage, as I've indicated, we he have a number of people that are injured and certainly we're working through that as part of the critical incident."
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Uvek kad vidim nesto ovako setim se DIe Hard ne znam ni ja kod dela kad baja dolazi helikopterom i citira (slobodno) "ima da uletimo i zapucamo, rezultat - svi otmicari mrtvi i  par talca, niko povredjen sa nase strane"... U filmu ga par sekundi potom roknu nekakvom njihovom verzijom zolje...

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