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Dugo sam razmisljao da li da otvorim ovaj topic ali je presudila ljubav prema Ripnju, mestu u kome nikada nisam bio ali sam cuo puno toga lepog.Za pocetak, podaci sa Wikipedije:Ripanj (Serbian Cyrillic: Рипањ) is a suburban settlement of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Voždovac. It has a distinction of being "the largest village of Serbia" taking in account its number of population, but also because it has the largest area of all rural settlements in the country.Ripanj is located some 25 kilometers south of Belgrade, on the southern slopes of the Avala mountain, in the valley of the Topčiderka river. It is the southernmost settlement in the municipality, on the northern side of the Lipovica woods, near the tripoint of the municipalities of Voždovac, Barajevo and Sopot.Ripanj.jpg

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As a large and elongated settlement, stretched along the road and railway (there are five railway stations within the Ripanj area), it developed outer boroughs or comprised the formerly separate settlements. Some of the largest are:

  • Bela Zemlja ("white land"), east of downtown Ripanj;
  • Brđani ("hilly (village)"), south-west;
  • Čaršija ("market street", from Turkish çarşı), on the foothills of the Avala, it is a location of an archeological site [3] The most important artefact from this Neolithic find is the "Ripanj statuette", a female deity, dated to 4th or 3rd millennium B.C., represented as sitting on a throne. Figurine is made of terra cotta, 16 centimeters high and missing head, arms and feet.[4]
  • Kablar, informal settlement, mostly inhabited by the Roma people. In June 2008 old shacks were replaced with the new mobile homes and water and sewage systems were introduced;[5]
  • Kolonija ("colony"); The Minel factory is stationed here.The football club FC Minel is also located here.
  • Prnjavor ("ragged place"), east of Bela Zemlja;
  • Stepašinovac;
  • Stražarija ("guard tower");
  • Trešnja ("sweet cherry"), an easternmost settlement of Ripanj, a popular picnic area located north of the Ralja river, on the northern slopes of the 310 meter-high Koviona hill, along the Belgrade-Kragujevacroad. It is 32 kilometers south-east of Belgrade and closer to Vrčin in the municipality of Grocka than to Ripanj and the village of Mala Ivanča is just south of it. It is located in the afforested valley, rich inbig game. The surrounding area comprises a small artificial pond, two cold water springs, a restaurant, weekend-settlement and a car camping park.

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Ne mogu da pisem o Borci, izvini Indy :( tamo sam ziveo i actually je poznajem, pa mi to mozda deformise sliku.Gugl je cudo, oslikava i privatni zivot zitelja Ripnja i njihovih sezonskih gostiju. Ova slika nosi tag "Kod Saleta u vikendici u Ripnju, Avala bajk skup". Na fotografiji je ili briga o coveku otrovanom alkoholom, ili pocetak neke nevine mladicke sale.l.jpg

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