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Canon has announced the production of its 50 millionth EF lens. The specific lens was one of the newly released EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USMs. EF mount lens production started in 1987. In September 2009, Nikon announced the 50 millionth lens for its F mount, launched in 1959.
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Ako mislite da je pogresno otvarati novi topic, neka Cowboy slobodno prebaci ovo gde bi bilo prigodno - meni nista nije delovalo :)_47152368_wolf.jpg
http://www.photocrati.com/full-disclosure/#more-11374"Today, a few months later, the image has been disqualified, the photographer banned, and a wonderful award has been tainted. The wolf was tame, the wall and fence was inside a Madrid wildlife park. After the award was announced, intense scrutiny came down from Spanish photographers who revealed proof that it was Ossian, an animal actor, and that the scene had a distinct tree line that existed in the wildlife park. A sad day."
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Sta tacno zameras likovnim elementima, pre svega kompoziciji, na ovoj fotografiji? Mislim, zaboravimo potpuno na sadrzaj i kontraverze koje ga prate, posmatrajmo kao da je fotograf radio sa prepariranim vukom i da je imao svo vreme ovoga sveta da namesti scenu i da kadrira - u cemu je po tebi pogresio, a ocigledno smatras da jeste, jer mislis da osim tehnike ovde niceg nema.
Кажем "испало" - према расправи овде. Оно, не доима ме се нешто, можда због тог светла, нема драматике, нема сенке. Није глупи блиц, али... свеједно вук делује некако равно. Да је поставио светла метар вишље, хм.
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