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Dobra plata, dobro mesto, jeftin real estate


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49 minutes ago, noskich said:

Državljanstvo DPRK se ne stiče automatski rodjenjem dok se državljanstvo NZ stiče automatski rodjenjem ako je jedan od roditelja državljanin Australije i samim tim permanent resident NZ nakon što je ušao u NZ. Plus su bolnice u NZ besplatne za državljane Australije. 

Dok za nas u Australiji nisu :( 

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@Time Crisis @dragance @Zverilla


Idemo, neofeudalizam i manje od 5 hiljada u dzepu dok se radi nekoliko poslova i jedu rezanca iz kesice, a zivi kod roditelja:




The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute found 40% of 25- to 34-year-olds expected to call on the “bank of mum and dad” to achieve home ownership, with 74% of adult renters holding less than $5,000 in savings.


“One of the most important saving strategies to emerge was living with parents or in properties owned by parents,” Troy said.


“However, if only those with families who can provide support can [save for a house], then those who don’t have supportive family are potentially locked out of home ownership altogether.”


“They’re not spending much … with the most common saving strategies being cooking at home – including relying on meals of 2-minute noodles.”


The survey cited unstable and low incomes as a major hurdle to saving for a deposit, with 70% of those surveyed holding multiple jobs in the last five years and 40% seeking more hours of work.





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Čestitke Gojku, Stojku i svima ostalima koji su navijali za Lejbaše. Posle 12 godina dođe i taj dan.


Noskiču najverovatnije upala kašika u med sa promenom poslodavca jer sledi čuveno aaaa gospođo pa ko vam je ovo uradio tc, tc, tc... posle čega će nova verzija projekta da traje i košta duplo više nego što su Liberaši osmislili. 

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