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i love your ASS for bad or worse i love your nasty way you curse when you sit down, it's wild how you sit grind your heel in the ground.....the groovy way you spitooh you look good ooh you smell good ooh you taste good like a bad girl should ivy.jpgwhen i need love, i love how you feelwhen i need dough, i love how you steali love the sick way you think the way your perfume makes you stink i love your boots...your fancy clothes your boufant hair...your pantyhose i blow a gasket for your pink jellybean your picnic basket splits my spleen

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mozda najbolja replika u seriji (bar prve tri sezone)
:) ima britkijih, duhovitijih, pametnijih... ali ova nekako nije samo wisecrack, nego i mudra i emotivna. bas se ono... uozbiljio.
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