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Bundes liga i ostale ober lige, sve sezone


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Stutgart - Freiburg na SK4, dobra utakmica i dobar bosanski komentator, ne jede govna kao ovi naši


Mada su malo pogurali Stutgart, priznali im prvi gol posle igranja rukom i okrenuli momentum utakmice

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Ima detaljniji članak ovde, prosto neverovatno na šta su ljudi sve, čak i u "civilizovanom" svetu spremni...




A real resistance from the German club that used every means to keep Kostic, even a " crafty ". There are 4 days left in the market and Eintracht is asking for 10 million plus 3 bonuses for the player. Lazio goes up to 10 million plus 2 bonuses and presents an official offer via email

Eintracht, however, purposely gives a wrong email to the Lotito club to tell the player an email has never arrived from Lazio with an offer. To reveal the deception Fali Ramadani, agent of the Serbian football player, thinks about it, who sends Kostic a screen to show Lazio's proposal.




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Malo mi tesko da poverujem da planiras visemilionski posao i sprovodis ga tako sto posaljes e-mail i cekas odgovor. Ono postoje telefoni u XXI veku.


Ne kazem da nije istina, ali ono, Kalcomerkato, Ramadani, Lotito...

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