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18 minutes ago, dragance said:

Black pudding, u Francuskoj Boudin noir. Ja to volem 😬 

Daleko im lepa kuca i jednom i drugom.

Doduse isti sentiment gajim i prema pihtijama...

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1 hour ago, dragance said:

Koja su to govna, sve im jebem.

Zaneli se ljudi, sta ces... zanemarili detalj da entitlement moze da praktikuje samo onaj ko za to ima sredstva :fantom:

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Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory at the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is, according to the El Pais, set to join Schengen on January 1, 2021, if Brexit negotiations are concluded.



This would mean that passengers arriving from the UK would need to clear passport control upon arrival in Gibraltar and adhere to the entry requirements for third-country nationals entering the 22 country bloc + Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.


Here’s an excerpt from the Gibraltar Chronicle:

There would be no immigration checks at Gibraltar’s border with Spain if an agreement is reached for the Rock’s future relations with the European Union and the Schengen area, according to a report in the Spanish newspaper El Pais yesterday.

According to the article, the EU’s Schengen border would effectively be at Gibraltar’s airport and port.
Immigration checks in accordance with Schengen rules would be handled jointly by officers from Frontex – the European Borders and Coastguard Agency – working alongside Gibraltarian immigration officers.

As part of the agreement, Gibraltarians would also be able to move freely through the 26 Schengen member states including Spain, El Pais reported.

It also said the agreement would open up the possibility of flights from Gibraltar to the 26 Schengen member states.

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Apropo klope, bez brige (kostace malo vise, ali ce biti)




Supermarkets and their suppliers are planning an unprecedented airlift of fresh fruit and vegetables into the UK next week amid fears the lifting of a French blockade will not prevent some shortages in stores.

One major supermarket, which declined to be named, said it had already begun flying in produce from Spain and north Africa and another said it was considering doing so, while the Lufthansa landed 80 tonnes of fruit and vegetables at Doncaster airport on Wednesday.

The delivery, including lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries and citrus fruits came as the German airline said it was considering scheduling additional special cargo flights to meet demand.



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10 hours ago, jms_uk said:

Apropo klope, bez brige (kostace malo vise, ali ce biti)



80t je nista, kap u moru. To je dnevna potrosnja u jednom boljem Tesco-u.


(U Budimpesti npr (2M stanovnika) dnevni promet voca i povrca je 1500 tona)

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