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kritika savremene umetnosti

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Video Kostu Bunusevca gde pozira na bilbordu BNV. Belgrade Waterfront, ispod pise "simbol Beograda" misleci se pri tom na Bunusevca i BNV zajedno.


Dodje mi nekako zao svih nas, celog covecanstva. Weltshmertz.

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e jebi ga



But in a broader sense, Otterness is correct about one thing: There is a long avant-garde tradition of trying to inflict “violence” upon the audience. This tradition can be felt in the playwright Antonin Artaud’s notion of the “Theater of Cruelty.” It’s there in the unsettling

collaborations of

and Luis Buñuel, the most famous of which, Un Chien Andalou (1929), shows a sliced sheep eyeball.





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ultra plasticni

Izlagao je taj na poslednjem Oktobarcu neke figurice, tugica jedna koja praznina 

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