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Vegan EU-compliant sandwiches to be handed to hauliers en route to continent

Five hundred meals to be given out in Kent on Saturday 

Hundreds of vegan sandwiches will be given to hauliers in the UK on Saturday, after drivers have had meat and cheese-based food confiscated by border officials on the continent due to post-Brexit rules.

Under the new system which began on 1 January, people travelling from the UK are not allowed to take products of animal origin (POAO) into the EU.

A driver who fell foul of this restriction was shown in a video earlier this month having ham sandwiches taken off him by a Dutch official.

In the footage, the driver begs the border guard to take the meat and leave the bread, only to receive the response: “No, everything will be confiscated – welcome to the Brexit, sir. I’m sorry.”

Richard Burnett, chief executive of the Road Haulage Association (RHA), said: “This is a perfect example of Brexit legislation gone mad.

“What was once a simple ham and cheese sandwich is now classed as a personal import and is now prohibited. It’s ridiculous.” 

To avoid situations like this, two food suppliers, LoveSeitan and Simply Lunch, are distributing sandwiches to lorry drivers in Kent from 9am until 3pm on Saturday.

The 500 EU-compliant meals will be handed out at Folkestone Rugby Club’s car park to drivers of vehicles under 7.5 tonnes and at two lay-bys on the A20 for those with heavier lorries.

Mr Burnett added that the RHA would like to see seitan, a meat substitute, given to hauliers “on all crossings to mainland Europe”.

Post-Brexit legislation, however, has led to more than just  the confiscation of food, including unexpected custom charges for EU customers buying goods imported from the UK.

Some UK retailers are even considering whether to abandon or burn products rejected by these customers, as it will be expensive to return them.

Adam Mansell, the chief of the UK Fashion & Textile Association, told the BBC that it is "cheaper for retailers to write off the cost of the goods than dealing with it all, either abandoning or potentially burning them".



vegan pobijedio:s_w:

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EU tuzi Britaniju jer  ne postuje dogovoreno u dogovoru o izlasku Britanije iz EU oko granice sa Severnom Irskom,


EU Vows to Fight U.K.’s Brexit Maneuver in Latest Clash

  • Government unilaterally extends Northern Ireland grace periods
  • Move is the latest flash point two months after trade deal
Britanija produzila do Oktobra da nema kontrole robe sa Severnom Irskom.
Nekako imam osecaj da je ovo povezano sa vakcinama i AstraZeneca-BioNtech pricom.
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Vreme je i bilo. Samo sto tu nema resenja, i to UK zna veoma dobro. Napravice ponovo gradjanski rat u suprotnom. Severna Irska ce uvek biti problem, a u EU je to moglo da se zataska jer nije bilo granica, ali su kao postojale.

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Uvoz/izvoz hrane:






Exports fell significantly in January 2021, driven by a fall in sales to the EU of 75.5% compared to January 2020, a drop of nearly £0.75bn.

Imports also fell significantly in January 2021, driven by a drop of nearly 25% from the EU compared to January 2020 worth around £700m.



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Osim Haribo gummy bears, fali jos kojesta, samo se vjesto pokrpi sa onim cega jos ima. Sve je manje izbora, a nerijetko se vide rupe u policama supermarketa ako se ne zakrpe na vrijeme.


Brexit ide bas onako kako su eksperti predvidjeli. 

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