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Tenis - opšta tema za sve sezone


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I zvanično objavili raspored prvih sedam nedelja.
Sa verom u pamet, vakcinu i Boga, da su svi zdravi i da sezona traje što duže.
Loženje može da počne.
Idemoooo! smile.png


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A na AO21 vazice sledeca pravila

Here are the main details of what players can expect:

-a maximum of 1000 people (players and teams) will be allowed into australia, which means players (not all of them) can be accompanied by a maximum of 2 team members

-players must arrive in melbourne on jan 15 or jan 16

-players and one team member can train for up to five hours, but all team must stay in the hotel for the remaining 19 hours per day

-players must have six negative tests in all before being allowed to play (including one before arrival in australia)

-players can have a second test if they test positive for covid-19

-if a player tests positive before the tournament (and is unable to play because of regulations) they can receive 50 percent of their prize money

-australian open qualifying will be played outside australia, details of which are to be confirmed.

-the atp cup, two atp 250 events and two wta 500s will take place in melbourne the week before the australian open

-one wta tournament will happen during the second week of the australian open

-first-round losers in the singles events are set to receive aud $100,000

Top players can bring only two team members
In the eight-page memo sent by Tennis Australia to players on Tuesday Australian Open organisers informed everyone concerned that the Victoria state government is capping the number of people (over the age of three) who can travel to Australia for the first Grand Slam of the year at a maximum of 1000.

I deo oko treninga:

Once a player has tested negative for Covid-19 on day one of their stay, they and ONE team member will be allowed on site for a maximum of five hours per day, two of which can be spent on the court with one other player, and 90 minutes in the gym. The remaining 19 hours of the day must be spent in their hotel rooms. In the second week of their quarantine, players’ choice of practice partners will be expanded from one to thre


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5 hours ago, renne said:

Kaže Mac da feđa može duzne OI

I ja sam siguran da moze - treba sam dovoljno jak shtoljpi da si kupi i da dodje maskiran u talibana... mozda i noz/sablja moze da prodje ako mu je dobar kostim.

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