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Pepepeovc majstori, sakupljeno je oko 90 000 RSD (biće izvod iz banke u toku nedelje), a juče je potrošena prva tura od 63 895 RSD. Terenci kažu "fotke ne izgledaju impresivno, jer je uglavnom sočivo u pitanju" - ali je to mnogo kuvanih obroka.
i poruka:

First of all happy holidays!

Thanks to those of you from grassroots local agencies who are supporting our food distribution by turning up and helping with line control and clearing litter etc, if any of you want to come and help on the ground for an hour or so we distribute around 1000 portions of hot food behind the station in Belgrade at 1300 hours everyday, all are welcome.

As you all know most of the professional mandated humanitarian agencies have had to severely cut back their support in Belgrade until they can reach an agreement with the Serbian authorities.

We have no idea how long this process may take.

Meanwhile temperatures are plummeting and there is no place for these people to go, their physical and mental health is deteriorating.

Therefore Hot Food Idomeni will continue their unilateral emergency response by continuing to distribute hot food and will increase the portions where necessary and will increase the kcal and nutritional value of the portions.

We reiterate that this is only a emergency response to a crisis and not a sustainable solution

we take this action in support of the efforts being made to find a longer term solution for these people in need.

Of course we desperately need financial donations but we understand that it is difficult for the big agencies including UNHCR,ECHO,MSF and others to be seen to support this action financially ,therefore we are putting out an appeal for donations of ingredients that you may be able to find a way to support,

we need;

Bread: 100 loafs a day

Food Tubs: 1000 a day (we would like to move away from plastic so any container donations should be waxed paper or recyclable)

Spoons: 1000 a day

Beans: 15 kg a day

Lentils: 25 kg a day

Potatos: 50 kg a day

fresh vegetables as available (has to be bought at the vegetable market)

Gas: 5 bottles a week

Oil. Spices,fruit etc


We welcome your donations and deliveries.

Please contact me or talk to Chris or Barry at our distribution

Thank you,







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Да вас обвестим уколико нисте чули да  фондација Ана и Владе Дивац реновирају све четри бараке са смештај миграната у Крњачи и мислим да се зидају неке нове бараке у оквиру истог центра.Где ће мигранти бити смештени док се радови изводе не знам,рок за извођење радова је 120 дана и реновира се буквално све.

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Izložba fotografija Ljudi na vratima  Lazare Marinković biće otvorena u petak 24. februara u Uličnoj galeriji. Sve fotografije mogu da budu otkupljene, a prikupljena sredstva će biti predata humanitarnim organizacijama za pomoć ugroženim izbeglicama u Beogradu. Na otvaranje možete da donesete višak toplih stvari, jakni, pantalona, čarapa, obuće, rukavica, šalova, kapa, koje će takođe biti predate ovim organizacijama za dalju raspodelu ljudima kojima je neophodna pomoć. Izložba će biti otvorena do 3. marta.

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