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The Revenant (2015)


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Onako, bez nekog epiloga i smisla prikazane su dvaput u kadru u pozadini iza glavnog lika dva prirodna retka fenomena:




sagorevanje većeg meteora pri padu negde iza horizonta i jedna velika snežna lavina bez ikakve opasnosti kako za glavnog lika tako i za onog koga prati i za Arikare koji njega prate.


nekako baš čudno, otkud to, čemu to?


Da prevedem tvoje pitanje: Da li je Di Caprio već poginuo u borbi s medvedom, a sve ostalo je samo njegov trip?

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mada, nema ni jedan pokazatelj da sugerise na tako nesto. 





sto se tice oskara, mislim da bi bilo nepravedno da samo leo dobije isti. bez zezanja. meni su tom i leo zajedno uradili istu stvaro dobro, iako su razliciti karakteri u pitanju. 

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FIlm je blago za cula vida i sluha ali vrlo predvidiv i neverovatno je da Leonardo prezivi sve ono. Lik Toma Hardija jeste negativac ali on ima tesku pricu sa Indijancima od ranije, mislim da bi se dosta ljudi slicno ponasalo posle takvog iskustva.

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FIlm je blago za cula vida i sluha ali vrlo predvidiv i neverovatno je da Leonardo prezivi sve ono.




In August 1823, near the forks of the Grand River in present-day Perkins County, South Dakota, while scouting for game for the expedition's larder, Glass surprised a grizzly bear with two cubs. The bear charged, picked him up, and threw him to the ground. Glass managed to kill the bear with help from his trapping partners, Fitzgerald and Bridger, but was left badly mauled and unconscious. Ashley (who was also with them) became convinced he would not survive his injuries.

Ashley asked for two volunteers to stay with Glass until he died, and then bury him. Jim Bridger (then 19 years old) and Fitzgerald (then 23 years old) stepped forward, and as the rest of the party moved on, began digging his grave. Later claiming that they were interrupted by attacking Arikara Native Americans, the pair grabbed Glass's rifle, knife, and other equipment, and took flight. Bridger and Fitzgerald later caught up with the party and incorrectly reported to Ashley that Glass had died. There is a debate whether Jim Bridger was one of the men who abandoned Hugh Glass.

Despite his injuries, Glass regained consciousness, but found himself abandoned, without weapons or equipment. He had festering wounds, a broken leg, and cuts on his back that exposed bare ribs. Glass lay mutilated and alone, more than 200 miles (320 km) from the nearest American settlement at Fort Kiowa on the Missouri River. Glass set his own leg, wrapped himself in the bear hide his companions had placed over him as a shroud, and began crawling. To prevent gangrene, Glass laid his wounded back on a rotting log and let maggots eat the dead flesh.

Glass crawled overland south toward the Cheyenne River using Thunder Butte as a navigational tool, where he fashioned a crude raft and floated downstream to Fort Kiowa. The journey took him six weeks. He survived mostly on wild berries and roots; on one occasion he was able to drive two wolves from a downed bison calf, and feast on the meat. Glass was aided by friendly Native Americans who sewed a bear hide to his back to cover the exposed wounds and provided him with food and weapons.


Glass was thereafter referred to as "the revenant," from the 19th century French verb revenant, meaning someone who returns from a long absence, or a person or thing reborn.
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U američkoj kinematografiji je u nekoliko navrata obrađivana priča o Hju Glasu pre objavljivanja knjige 2002. po kojoj je napisan scenario za istoimeni film.

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