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“Only when we know our solitude to be different from our loneliness

can we be whole enough to honor another’s place.”

Inguz – “Ing-guz” – Literally: “Seed” or “The god, Ing” – Esoteric: Process, space

Rune of isolation or separation in order to create a space or place where the process of transformation into higher states of being can occur. Rune of gestation and internal growth.

Psi: internal growth, personal development, the power of suggestion, the inner-child, wholeness

Energy: earth-god, stored energy, gestation process, male mysteries, subtlety, planned bursts

Mundane: male sexuality, agriculture

Divinations: Resting, gestation, internal growth, expectation, time for oneself; or impotence, scattering, movement without change, frivolity, immaturity.


  • Storage and transformation of power for ritual use.
  • Stored Energy
  • Passive meditation and centering of energy and thought
  • Sudden release of energy
  • All forms of subtle, creative action
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Ono što je problem je što su i neki koji se nikako ne mogu podvesti pod levičare izgovorili (ili znamo da misle) do sada veoma slične pa i iste stvari - recimo 1 Helmut Kohl. 

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Sta je konkretno lupetanje? Koje tvrdnje?

Recimo to da minimum wage u Nemackoj ima uticaja na dolazak Le Pen na vlast i da je Merkel kriva za to.

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