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kad boli, nepostojeci split sa jutjubita


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kada usereš nešto i moliš da ljudi ostanu sa tobom jer si sebi bezvredan u tom trenutku



"If I fall short, if I don't make the grades/
If your expectations aren't met in me today/
There is always tomorrow, or tomorrow night/
Hang in there baby, sooner or later/
I know ill get it right "

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e pa nećemo radiohead, misssim... tu sve boli


nego ovo



Open you’re eyes and what do you see?
The last stand, let go of my hand...


Turning slowly, looking back, see

No words, can save this, you’re broken and I’m pissed
Run along like I’m supposed to, be the man I ought to
Rock and Roll, sent us insane, I hope someday that we will meet again
You go your way and I’ll go my way
No words can save us, this lifestyle made us
Run along like I’m supposed to, be the man I ought to
Rock and Roll, sent us insane, I hope someday that we will meet again

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Znaš da ja nisam mogao da izdržim kad je izašao Sci-Fi Lullabies nego sam kupio kako sam znao original. Jedno 6 meseci je stajao na posebnom mestu :D




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dobro, ako cemo na tu stranu, tri zicera. 




It is for she that the cherry bleeds
That the moon is steeped in milk and blood
That I steal like a robber
From her altar of love





Seasons have gone wrong
And I lay me down in a bed of snow
Darling, since you've been gone
well my hands, they don't know where to go
And all of my teeth are bared,
I got you so much I'm scared
Ah, baby I got you bad





Fled outta the window

And shinning it down the vine
Outta her nightmare and back into mine.



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Za pocetak cu i ja jedan zicer, mada meni ova sluzi vise onako za 1 tugobno preispitivanje, nego za klasicno bolovanje, ali pomaze i kad boli




Out of sorrow entire worlds have been built
Out of longing great wonders have been willed
They're only little tears, darling, let them spill
And lay your head upon my shoulder
There's a man who spoke wonders, though I've never met him
He said: "He who seeks, finds, and who knocks, will be let in,"
I think of you in motion and just how close you are getting
And how every little thing anticipates you
Edited by Sludge Factory
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Šta ima da boli? Ubediš sebe da si zaslužio i da već živiš u najboljem od svih mogućih svetova samoprezirnom solipsističkom fantazijom, sve bude super -_-

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