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¡Guerra! ¿Para que sirve? : antiratne pesme


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marry me? pa podeli neku omiljenu? ne mora od ovena :)
Evo recimo ova:All the Hills and Vales AlongAll the hills and vales alongEarth is bursting into song,And the singers are the chapsWho are going to die perhaps.O sing, marching men,Till the valleys ring again.Give your gladness to earth's keeping,So be glad, when you are sleeping.Cast away regret and rue,Think what you are marching to.Little live, great pass.Jesus Christ and BarabbasWere found the same day.This died, that went his way.So sing with joyful breath,For why, you are going to death.Teeming earth will surely storeAll the gladness that you pour.Earth that never doubts nor fears,Earth that knows of death, not tears,Earth that bore with joyful easeHemlock for Socrates,Earth that blossomed and was glad‘Neath the cross that Christ had,Shall rejoice and blossom tooWhen the bullet reaches you.Wherefore, men marchingOn the road to death, sing!Pour your gladness on earth's head,So be merry, so be dead.From the hills and valleys earthShouts back the sound of mirth,Tramp of feet and lilt of songRinging all the road along.All the music of their going,Ringing swinging glad song-throwing,Earth will echo still, when footLies numb and voice mute.On, marching men, onTo the gates of death with song.Sow your gladness for earth's reaping,So you may be glad, though sleeping.Strew your gladness on earth's bed,So be merry, so be dead.Charles Sorley (1895-1915)Edit: A ova nije eksplicitno o ratu, ali implicitno jeste, pošto je Grejvs i sam bio war poet:Sorley's WeatherWhen outside the icy rainComes leaping helter-skelter,Shall I tie my restive brainSnugly under shelter?Shall I make a gentle songHere in my firelit study,When outside the winds blow strongAnd the lanes are muddy?With old wine and drowsy meatsAm I to fill my belly?Shall I glutton here with Keats?Shall I drink with Shelley?Tobacco's pleasant, firelight's good:Poetry makes both better.Clay is wet and so is mud,Winter rains are wetter.Yet rest there, Shelley, on the sill,For though the winds come frorleyI'm away to the rain-blown hillAnd the ghost of Sorley.Robert Graves (1895-1985) Edited by Syme
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"Leysh Nat' Arak" was inspired by ethnic and religious conflicts in Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and Yugoslavia. Written in Arabic, the song calls for peace and unity between Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the Middle East.
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