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Najbolja izvedba najbolje pesme koja je ikad postojala.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuVgsD8Wdq8

I've heard people talk about the note at 4:15 as the best in rock history. After just getting chills for the one thousandth time, I agree. Spread the word.solomantaylorplayer 2 days agoI think the that note is reverberating across every dimension then, now & forever :)TheJimiZappa in reply to solomantaylorplayer 2 days ago

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a koja je uopste verzija machine gun
Live Filmore East 1 Jan 1970, doteran audio (malo mutan c/b video), trajanje 12:52. + Buddy Miles, Billy Cox.Pronadjoh isto na dailymotion ( :s_w:), mozda malo nizeg audio/video kvaliteta, ali i dalje super.
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