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evo za ljubitelje rogera559912_565574933454303_870355582_n.jpga komentar uz sliku[/size]
Druga slika: Novak odguruje Rafu uz tekst "Beži odavde, samo mi smetaš"Treća slika: Novak sam ruši Rogera :lolol:
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Who is this?
It is me, Rafa.
Yes. It is Roger calling.
Oh, Roger. I saw. You are out at Wimbledon, too. That made me sad, Roger. If not for me, I always root for you.
I am the same, Rafa, I was sad to see you depart so early.
What are you doing now?
Nothing. I'm so bored, Rafa. Bored, bored, bored.
Me, too.
This morning, I folded all my bandannas.
I folded all my bandannas, too!
So many bandannas.
Yes. So many bandannas.
Tell me, Rafa: What do people do when they lose this early?
It's brutal. You have to stay away from the TV. No tennis highlights.
Ugh. I know. I watch other sports. Tell me something: Who is Tebow?
Tebow? I believe he plays cricket.
But you're not sure.
There sure is a lot of news about Tebow.
We were supposed to meet, Roger. Everyone expected us. There was so much excitement.
Yes. In the quarterfinals. I thought it was cheesy, Rafa. Like having the Stones open up for Maroon 5. Sort of an insult, no?
Perhaps, Roger. We have so many great memories at Wimbledon. Three finals.
Yes. I won two.
True. But I won the last one. The one everyone remembers.
Roger? Roger?
I remember, Rafa. That final was hard for me. I relive it many times. I still see us in the twilight. You biting the trophy. Me holding that crummy plate.
I am sorry, Roger.
Rafa, what did you do last year?
Say that again?
Last year. What did you do, when you lost. Second round. To Lukas Rosol.
Phew. That was tough. I took some time off.
You took a long time off, Rafa. No Open. No Australia. Not even Shanghai Rolex Masters.
True. But when I came back, I won pretty much everything.
You did win pretty much everything. You looked amazing, Rafa. But now this.
You make it sound so horrible.
It is horrible. Rafa, this does not happen to Roger. It hasn't happened in so many years.
You sound embarrassed.
I'm not embarrassed. I have won 17 Grand Slams, Rafa.
I have won 12, Roger. And I am only 27.
Well who do you like to win Wimbledon now?
We must cheer for Andy, Roger.
Yes, Andy. Andy would be good. It would be sweet. A great story.
Good for tennis.
Yes. Good for tennis.
Of course, had I won, it would also be good for tennis.
What about Nole, Roger? What if Nole won?
I am sorry. Did you say something? I was looking for my pet owl's scarf.
No, forget it. Nothing. Roger, do you ever think it is going to end?
Don't say that, Rafa. There are many journeys left. Many finals. Many more trophies.
I hope so. I loved those days.
Rafa, l need to ask you something.
Yes, Roger?
Do you need any orange-soled Nike sneakers? Banned by Wimbledon. Never been worn. I have, like, a zillion pairs. They're totally outrageous.
Nah. I'm good with sneakers. I'm just bored.
Me too. So, so bored.
<a name="U9019316194484MF" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10.399999618530273px; line-height: 8px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">
See you in New York, Roger.
I hope so, Rafa.
Under the lights.
For everything.
It would be good for tennis, Roger.
Yes, Rafa. So good for tennis.

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