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Najveća dostignuća čovečanstva

Jolly Roger

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Zanima me cenjeno PPP mišljenje šta je ono čime smo najviše zadužili. Isto tako, šta mislite, šta bi u budućnosti moglo biti dostignuće koje bi nadmašilo sva dosadašnja. Evo liste koju sam našao, prosto moli za doradom (gde su točak i vatra?! :)):Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona LisaA work of art that has captured the imagination of humanity. The mysterious smile, the penetrating eyes. The air of mystique surrounding the Mona Lisa cannot easily be explained but, it is more than just a supreme example of renaissance art, it encapsulates a unique spirit.The Works of William Shakespeare "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. "Despite producing one of the earliest body of works in English, few have come close to matching William Shakespeare's mastery of English in articulating the poetic range of human emotion and experience.Ave Maria - Schubert / BachIt is music which has the greatest capacity to lift humanity from the ordinary earth bound thoughts and emotions. The loftiest music can touch the psychic core of man and expand the consciousness of man. We could have chosen from the works of Beethoven, Mozart, or countless other musicians, but, Ave Maria remains one of the loftiest pieces in the pantheon of music.The First FlightThe Wright brothers finally achieved man's eternal quest to achieve a powered flight. The short flight in 1901 revolutionised air travel in the twentieth century and remains one of the great technical achievements.The Development of VaccinesFor many centuries, the life expectancy of man was very low. Life was hard, short and painful. The great advances of medical science in the nineteenth and twentieth century have allowed people in many developed countries to have a much greater life expectancy. Some of the most important discoveries included the first vaccines developed by Louis Pasteur and the advent of Penicillin in the twentieth century. Perhaps our next greatest achievement would be ensuring access to this knowledge is widespread amongst all people on the planet.Man on MoonIt was a great scientific achievement to put man in space and then land on the thin atmosphere of the moon. It shows the horizons of man are not limited to this physical earth.Four Minute MileAny great sporting achievement could have been used here. To run a marathon in close to 2 hours, is perhaps an even greater athletic achievement. Alternatively, we could have chosen the fastest 100 metre time of Usain bolts in under 9.6 seconds. Yet, no sporting record is more iconic than the first mile run under 4 minutes by British athlete Roger Bannister. For many decades doctors and learned people had suggested it was physically impossible for man to run a mile under 4 minutes. But, once Roger Bannister had broken the psychological barrier many others soon followed. It showed the spirit of self-transcendence intrinsic to man.Climbing Mount EverestOn May 29th, 1953 Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay finally conquered the crown of the world reaching the top of Mount Everest. At 8,848 Metres, Mount Everest is the highest peak in the Himalayas, the Nepalese name it Sagarmatha - meaning Mother Goddess of the world.The Great PyramidsConventional wisdom suggests these were built with slaves, but, this view has become increasingly challenged. The truth is that there are many ancient structures such as Stonehenge which defy modern science even centuries later. The Great Pyramids remain a mystery but, they stand as a colossal and imposing figure in the sands of Egypt.Michelangelo's PietaIt is a work of art which captures the beauty, poignancy, poise and emotion of the greatest human dramas - love divine and love human.Declaration of Human RightsAfter centuries of religious persecution, injustice and disregard for human rights, the acceptance of human rights enshrined in law is one of the great achievements of modern history. Some of the earliest declarations can be seen in the US constitution, drafted by Thomas Jefferson. In the twentieth Century, the United Nations declaration of human rights cemented its importance for modern history.Great Modern Inventions That Changed The WorldThe Electric Dynamo - 1831The phenomena of electricity had been known by the ancient Greeks. Benjamin Franklin had displayed the relationship between lightning and electricity. But, it was the invention of the Electric Dynamo by Michael Faraday which really opened up the way to the practical use of electricity.Analytical Engine (computer)- 1860sCharles Babage's analytic engine is often seen as the forerunner of the modern computer. Though the first programmable computer weren't really developed until after the 1940s.Pasteurisation - 1864Developed by Louis Pasteur. This provided a way to prevent the growth of bacteria in substances such as wine, beer and milkPlastic - 1869Developed by John Wesley Hyatt. Hyatt was an American printer and inventor. He was looking for a cheap substitute to Ivory billiard balls. Hyattt combined cellulose nitrate and camphor to produce a modable versatile material - celluloid.Telephone - 1876The telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. Scottish born Bell was a teacher for the deaf at Boston University. In researching ways to teach the deaf, he experimented with transmitting sound via electricity. Teaching by day, he spent many hours of his spare time, developing a form of telephone.He applied for a form of patent on March 7, 1876. Three days later he peformed a demonstration of the new device, speaking the words. "Mr Watson, come here, I want you."Within five years, private telephone exchanges were in place in most US cities. It was an invention that caught on very quicklyPhonograph - 1877Thomas Edison found that sound could be captured and replayed using a rotating cylinder covered with parafin paper and a stylus. In December 1888, Edison applied for a patent and over next few years helped to develop the modern gramophone based on the wax - cyclinder model.Lightbulb 1879- Previously inventors had produced simple electric lights throughout the ninenteenth century. For example, Joseph Swan, produced a simple electric light, but, he struggled to maintain a power source and the filament soon burned out when vacuum was exhausted. It was Thomas Edison who made the lightbulb into a practical low current version. He used a filament based on a burned sewing thread.Bicycle 1885Velocipedes had been invented earlier in the ninenteenth century. The most popular at the time was the Penny Farthing, with its huge big wheel. But, the big advancement in bike technology came with the introduction of a chain to link pedals to back wheel. This enabled a higher speed without relying on a huge wheel. The key model in the chain bike was the Rover Safety bike developed by John Kemp StarleyMotor Carriage - 1885In 1998, the German engineer Karl Benz produced the first modern automboile. Using electrical ignition, a water cooled internal combustion engine and different gears.Aluminium 1886Until the 1890s, Aluminium was considered a precious metal because it was so hard to isolate. However, Ohio chemist, Charles Martin Hall discovered how to isolate Aluminium, through a process of electrolysis. This simple method enabled high quantities of aluminium to be produced. Its price fell from $18 a pound to 18 cents. Aluminium has become one of the most popular and versatile metals in industry.Pneumatic Tyre - 1888Invented by John Boyd Dunlop. Developed as a way to make tricycle riding more comfortable. His first attempt involved using an old garden hose fitted with air. He later developed this idea using a rubber pneumatic tyre and filed for a patent in 1888. It was later used on both bikes and motor carsBox Camera - 1888George Eastman. Developed first small Kodak box camera made photography much more accessible to public.Electrons discovered 1897Joseph Tompson. First scientist to show that the atom wasn't the smallest element, but, was actually composed of even tinier particles of which electrons were one.Radiocativity Measured 1898Marie Currie played a key role in the discovery and measurement of radioactivity. Her discoveries led to the successful implementation and use of X ray machines by the First World WarTransatlantic TelegramMarconi developed the first long distance wireless communication. On December 12, 1901 the first telegram was sent across the atlantic in morse codeDifferent Blood Types 1901Karl Landsteiner. isolated different blood groups enabling the first successful blood transfusion laterVacuum - 1908James Murray Spangler invented the electric vacuum claener. the first model used a broomstick, pillow and a box containing electric motor and fan. He applied for a patent in 1808. William Hoover helped finance its development for the mass market.Radar 1924Edward AppletonHuman Achievements That Could Top Walking on the Moon- Free (Fusion) Energy- A Manned Mission to Mars- The Discovery of Alien Life- Full Nuclear Disarmament- Cure For HIV/AIDS

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Masina za pranje sudovaPrvi praktican primerak napravljen 1886. (Josephine Cochrane) - mehanicka masina na rucni pogon, mehanicki, prva mala elektricna za kucnu upotrebu 1924. (William Howard Livens).Masina za pranje vesaPrva elektricna pocetkom 20. veka (Louis Goldenberg iz Nju Dzersija).Usisivac (elektricni)Hubert Cecil Booth, 1901. I veliki napredak pocetkom 21. veka, robot-usisivac (npr. Roomba). Jedan od najvecih izuma ikada...kao masina za pranje sudova. I vesa.

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Da znaš da si u pravu. Koliko ljudi vremena provode i šta sve rade u njemu... definitivno jedan od favorita.Jedno od mojih omiljenih dostignuća za skidanje kape je to što je čovečanstvo preživelo. Nismo se još uvek samouništili uprkos tehnologiji koju posedujemo i destruktivnim porivima.I da ne zaboravim: sendvič. Ko ga izmisli, alal mu pare.
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sendvič. Ko ga izmisli, alal mu pare.
Ime je dobio po nekom engleskom Earlu (cuj, nekom, naravno Earl of Sandwitch), ali su ga pravili i mnogo, mnogo ranije. Valjda se prvi put pominje u nekim starim jevrejskim pricama, datiranim u vreme pre Isusa...a mozda i lupam :D
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Ime je dobio po nekom engleskom Earlu (cuj, nekom, naravno Earl of Sandwitch), ali su ga pravili i mnogo, mnogo ranije. Valjda se prvi put pominje u nekim starim jevrejskim pricama, datiranim u vreme pre Isusa...
Isuse, uzmi jedan sendvič.---Kamata je jedan od interesantnijih izuma. :mellow:
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Transatlantic TelegramMarconi developed the first long distance wireless communication. On December 12, 1901 the first telegram was sent across the atlantic in morse code
1) као и обично, сви англосаксонски сакупљачи било чега ће игнорисати цео остатак света2) Тесла је на крају добио Марконија на суду, и остао забележен као изумитељ радија. Али, није њихов, и ово да је Маркони измислио радио остаје да се понавља по неколико хиљада пута годишње. Јер Тесла никад није био њихов.
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