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Avionski udesi i nesreće


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Prosto mi je neverovatno da ih je toranj pustio - a ako nije, isto mi je neverovatno da su tri kamiona (treci je bio ovaj koji su stradalai) samoinicijativno presli pistu (zarad vezbe?).

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Ipak su izgleda vatrogasci pogresili


(sa AVH):



On Nov 21st 2022 CORPAC, Air Traffic Control, stated categorically, that no vehicle had been cleared to enter the runway. CORPAC confirmed there was coordination for an exercise to be carried out by rescue services, however, this did not affect the runway and was to be held outside the runway strip.

The airline reported that they do not know what the fire truck had to do on the runway and why it was there. They had no information about an emergency drill. In any case the normal procedure would be that any vehicle needing access to the runway would need to communicate with tower and obtain clearance to enter the runway. Their aircraft was cleared for takeoff.

The local prosecution office reported two firefighters died in the accident, another one was injured. The office have opened an investigation to determine the facts and possible culpability and are currently reviewing the CCTV recordings.

Peru's Comision de Investigacion de Accidentes de Aviacion (CIAA) opened an investigation into the accident.

On Nov 25th 2022 the CIAA reported a fire truck on an assistance exercise entered the main runway while CC-BHB was in the takeoff run and collided with the right hand wing and engine of the aircraft. Two firefighters were killed, another firefighter was injured. The aircraft crew rejected takeoff and stopped the aircraft about 1500 meters past the point of collision, an immediate evacuation was carried out. Other fire trucks extinguished the ensuring fire and assisted passengers, who received medical care. The aircraft was destroyed. An investigation is ongoing.


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12 minutes ago, Tsai said:

Pade mi na pamet onaj malezijski avion kojeg jos nisu pronasli. Jel ima nekih pomaka u istrazi il su odavno batalili svi?

Pa zar nisu isplivali delovi po obali Australije?

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