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11 minutes ago, nautilus said:

i, yajebali su se sto su usli u raspravu. po ovome sto sudija sada govori, djokovic dobija.





Here, a professor and an eminently qualified physician have produced and provided to the applicant a medical exemption. Further to that, that medical exemption and the basis on which it was given was separately given by a further independent expert specialist panel established by the Victorian state government and that document was in the hands of the delegate.

The point I am agitated about is ‘what more could this man have done?



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Sudija opet:


In the waking hours of Thursday morning, at 4am a person is instructed to and complies with instruction to turn off his phone, is effectively incommunicado for the entire or vast majority of the period from midnight to 7:42am from when the cancellation is effected. [Djokovic] is putting to the delegate...’if you would let me have enough time so when Tennis Australia is awake, when my agent is awake and I’m able to communicate with them by telephone we can effectively take up the opportunity embodied in this invitation to provide you anything further you might want


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Rekli su mu da, parafraziram, nema šta da zove advokate, niko mu ne može pomoći. Sudija mi deluje totalno nezadovoljan ponašanjem carinika, da li je moguće da odgovaraju, budu kažnjeni zbog toga, videćemo.

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