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Higijenske navike: spavanje bez gaca ili gacica


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Never sleep in your underwear: TRUE (ISH)

“For women, it is not advisable to sleep in tight underwear as it prevents airing of the sensitive vulval skin which can increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis or vulval candidiasis (thrush),” says Saurabh Phadnis, consultant gynaecologist and gynae-oncologist at London’s Nuffield Health St Bartholomew’s hospital. “It can also flare up or exacerbate skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and lichen planus and cause itching and discharge.”

However, Wilson suggests it’s worth considering hygiene: “The average person passes gas 15-20 times a day – including in your sleep – and research shows that a small amount of faecal matter comes out of the body at the same time. It’s a personal choice, but it may be more hygienic to keep underwear on.”



znaci pozeljno je osim ako ne prdite vlazno.



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