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MS Flight Simulator (9, X)


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ok, pisali smo o ovoj temi, da se ne ponavljamo, okačio bih pristojan pregled addon-ova (pošto su oni neizostavni deo uživanja) i raznoraznih korisnih linkova kao dobru referencu za dalje igranje:




Last updated: 27th Jan 2015

Tired of flying boring default planes in FSX? Get some real planes in your hangar today. Here’s a list of the best aircraft addons available for FSX (2014):

** Note: This guide is based on the non-Steam version of FSX. Please keep an eye on this guide for information and addon compatibility.


PMDG Aircraft
Remember the old Flight Simulator tagline “As real as it gets”? Well, this is it. PMDG have established themselves as one of the leading flight simulator addon developers on the market.

The level of quality and detail in their products are close to unmatched. If you’re wondering which payware aircraft you should invest in, PMDG should be a strong contender.

One of my first payware aircraft for FSX was the magnificent PMDG 747. At the time, I had no idea flight sim planes could be so detailed and complex. I went from being an amateur flight simmer with very limited knowledge, to a skilled flight simulator pilot capable of handling the fully simulated FMC and Autopilot systems.

It didn’t happen overnight though – the learning curve is quite steep, so you must be prepared to read a lot of manuals and documentation!

Today, they have many other aircraft in their product lineup, like the MD-11, 737NGX and the recently released PMDG 777. Take a pick, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

Steam Edition compatibility: 777, 737 Compatible

Learning Curve: 5/5

FlightSimLabs Concorde X
The people over at FlightSimLabs are relatively new to the addon business, but they proved themselves in 2010 when they released the Concorde for FSX.

The quality and attention to detail was on par with PMDG, and that’s not an easy feat to accomplish. Concorde X is absolutely amazing, but buyers beware; this is not an easy plane to master. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult aircraft addons out there.

Much of it has to do with the older technology present in the Concorde itself. This plane was meant for 3 pilots, not 1. Luckily FSL (FlightSimLabs) has made a few features to help the lone pilot in the cockpit, like the automated flight engineer. Still I would not recommend it for complete beginners.

They are currently making an Airbus A320, and I have no doubt it will turn out amazing when it is released.

Steam Edition compatibility: Currently not working. Under consideration

Learning Curve: 5/5

Level-D Simulations 767
These guys have been around for a very long time with their Boeing 767.

Back in the day there was a lot of talk about which company was better; PMDG or Level-D? Today though, PMDG has taken the throne with their long lineup of great aircraft and new features, but the Level-D 767 has withstood the test of time remarkably well.

While it is an older addon with older graphics, it is wonderfully simulated and can easily be compared to the PMDG 747. There are other B767’s on the market, but none are as detailed and complex as the Level-D. Highly recommended if you’re a Boeing 767 fan. A great aircraft. PS: Keep an eye on this company, a 757 has been rumored for many years. Maybe it’ll happen sometime!

Steam Edition compatibility: Working. Information here[forum.avsim.net]

Learning Curve: 5/5

Majestic MJC8 Q400 ( Dash-8 )
Another very high quality, “end game” if you will, FSX addon.

This is the Dash-8 everybody has been waiting for. It comes in 3 editions; pilot, pro and training – with the latter being the most feature rich version. The Majestic MJC8 Q400 features a fully simulated and complex FMC, fuel management system, saving and loading panel state function, custom sounds, high quality cockpit and external models, TCAS (traffic avoidance system) and weather radar.

If you buy the pro or training version you also get a HUD system, a completely customizable failure system, an even more advanced flight management system and autopilot as well as 2D panels and a whole host of other features.

Another really cool implementation is the mist feature; you basically get misty windows during cold starts which will dissipate when you turn on the window heat.

I should say though that it is definitely a difficult aircraft to learn, the FMC for instance will take some time to understand. Not recommended for complete beginners, unless you have a strong determination and eagerness to learn difficult things.

Highly recommended for intermediate flight simmers and up. One of the absolute best FSX addons to date.

Steam Edition compatibility: Working

Learning Curve: 5/5
Majestic – MJC8 Q400 Pilot Edition [www.fspilotshop.com]

iFly B737NG
This 737 version was released a few months before the PMDG 737NGX, and to the surprise of many ( especially those who were waiting for the NGX ) it turned out to be a very detailed and complex aircraft.

Compared to the NGX it does hold up pretty damn well. Almost everything is simulated, framerate is good (iFly might have slightly better frames), and the iFly 737 is around 20 bucks cheaper than the NGX. Even though they are similar and both great addons, I would say the PMDG version is slightly better.

If you’re looking for a great 737 simulation you can’t go wrong with this one though, especially if your wallet is a little stretched.

Steam Edition compatibility: Unknown

RECENT RELEASE: Boeing 747-400[www.iflysimsoft.com]

Learning Curve: 5/5

Aerosoft Airbus X Extended
On the lookout for a good Airbus? The Aerosoft X Extended A320/321 version is probably one of the, if not the best Airbus simulation on the market right now.

For a long time there has been a shortage of good Airbus addons for FSX, so when Aerosoft released their improved version in 2012 it immediately received a lot of praise – not because people was desperate for a new FSX Airbus, but because it was actually pretty good !

The graphical quality is impressive, handling is nice, great light system and its procedures are challenging and interesting ( especially if you’re used to Boeing ) A lot of systems are simulated nicely and of course you get to experience a full FBW (Fly-By-Wire) Airbus system.

Finally a worthy Airbus for FSX. Airbus fans, go get it ! Recommended for sure.

Steam Edition compatibility: Under consideration by developer

Learning Curve: 4/5

Very popular developer. They make solid aircraft with many fully simulated systems that are deep, but not too complex.

This is a perfect fit for intermediate flight simmers, or eager new simmers looking for their first couple of payware planes. CaptainSim has a lot of products, often on sale. Recommended products are the 707, 727, 757 and L-1011 which are quite nice.

Their classic C-130 is also very good. It is simulated well ( was actually tested by real C-130 pilots ) and the interior/exterior look great – like most of the CaptainSim planes do.

This can’t be stressed enough; their planes look REALLY good ! Overall a great company with many beautiful classic aircraft in their lineup. Recommended!

Steam Edition compatibility: Information here[www.captainsim.org]

Learning Curve: 3/5

Commercial Level Simulations / Wilco
Want to jump in and fly right away? Then these companies are probably for you.

Although more complex than default aircraft, CLS and Wilco planes are pretty simple to fly. Recommended for pilots who just want to pick up a plane and have a good time while also learning about basic systems.

They can also be used as a stepping stone towards more difficult planes. If you’re interested in trying it out, I would strongly recommend going for the CLS MD-80/81. It is one of their best products with many simulated systems.

Steam Edition compatibility:
Wilco E-Jets v2 Embraer 175/195[www.wilcopub.com] Confirmed working

Learning Curve: 2/5
Commercial Level Simulations[www.commerciallevel.com]
Wilco Publishing[www.wilcopub.com]


A2A Simulations
Outstanding quality, extreme realism, incredible aircraft. Is that enough praise? Well, this company deserves it.

They make aircraft and products of the utmost quality. I’ve had so much fun flying their planes. Everything about them just radiates quality. Do yourself a favor and buy something from them, you won’t be disappointed.

You should check out their B17, P40, P47, P51 and Spitfire – And their latest wonder the A2A Cessna 182, absolutely stunning aircraft. Many simmers also use their AccuSim and AccuFeel coding replacement products. AccuSim gives enhanced realism to their own aircraft (these are expansion packs to the original product), while AccuFeel can be bought as a standalone product for FSX. It enhances things like ground effects and turbulence, and it has been tested on over 40 payware aircraft.

Steam edition compatibility: Working. Information here[a2asimulations.com]


These guys have a lot of cool planes, airports and scenery addons. One GA aircraft that must be recommended is the Twin Otter X Extended. This great little turboprop features realistic flight behavior, a fully simulated and realistic cockpit, a failure system and detailed interior and exterior models.

The Diamond DA20-100 Katana and PBY Catalina X are also highly recommended Aerosoft products. Awesome planes.

Steam Edition compatibility: Under consideration


Carenado is another solid company. It seems like with every new release their planes just get better and better.

With a large and loyal fan base Carenado is one of the most popular companies around. They make aircraft that look great, are easy to pick up and fly and for the most part works as in real life.

Some are better than others, and my personal favourites are the C-210, 337 Skymaster, C-185, A36, B58 Baron, TBM850, and the Malibu.

A lot of people also use A2A’s AccuFeel with Carenado aircraft, which make them even better. Find out which one you like the best and try it out.

Steam edition compatibility: Working

www.carenado.com [www.carenado.com]

RealAir Simulations[www.realairsimulations.com]


Vertical Reality Simulations F/A-18E
Probably the best military aircraft out there for FSX, extremely detailed and fun. Some features include radar tracking, weapons lock, FBW, night vision HUD. Now with combat capability (TacPac). Brutal and deadly aircraft.

Steam Edition compatibility: Under consideration


Aerosoft F-16 Fighting Falcon
Great classic military jet. Simulated wonderfully. Comes with external weapons loadout tool. Tons of features. Development focus has been on handling and flight behaviour, Offensive features not simulated. Flies very well. Mach 2 capable.

Steam Edition compatibility: Under consideration

Aerosoft F-16 Fightring Falcon [www.fspilotshop.com]

Lotus Sim L39 Albatros
Beautiful aircraft. Great developer, obviously has a keen eye for details. Simulated to perfection, highly recommended if you like older military jets.

Steam Edition compatibility: Unknown

Lotus Sim L39 Albatros [www.fspilotshop.com]

Aerosoft F-14 Tomcat X
Aerosoft has just released the amazing F-14 Tomcat X. Having been in development for 3-years, this promises to be one of the most comprehensive military aircraft packages yet released.

Tomcat X features include the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier, supporting AI aircraft, and much much more. Best of all, the Tomcat X is a TacPack Powered* aircraft, which means users who own the TacPack will also be able to utilize live weapon systems and other TacPack-exclusive features built into the Tomcat.

Steam Edition compatibility: Unknown

Aerosoft F-14 Tomcat X [www.aerosoft.com]

Dodosim - 206 [www.flight1.com]
Cera Sim - Bell 212 [www.fspilotshop.com]
Cera Sim - Bell 412 [www.fspilotshop.com]
Aerosoft - Huey X [www.fspilotshop.com]

Taburet Scenery[www.fspilotshop.com] Steam Edition compatible
REX4[www.realenvironmentxtreme.com] Steam Edition compatible
FTX Global[www.fullterrain.com] Steam Edition compatible
MegaSceneryEarth[www.megasceneryearth.com] Untested
BlueSkyScenery[www.blueskyscenery.com] Untested
UK2000 Scenery[www.uk2000scenery.com] Steam Edition compatible
FSDreamTeam Airports[www.fsdreamteam.com] Steam Edition compatible
Earth Simulations Sceneries[earthsimulations.com] Steam Edition compatible
Orbx (Scenery & Airports) [www.fullterrain.com] Working. Requires SimConnect
Ultimate VFR Phtoscenery[www.ultimatevfr.com] Steam Edition compatible
NL2000 Photoscenery[www.nl-2000.com]
SIM720 Airports[flight.sim720.co.uk] Steam Edition compatible
To be updated

Active Sky Next[www.hifitechinc.com] Steam compatibility pending
Active Sky Evolution[www.hifitechinc.com] Confirmed working
To be updated

Ezdok (EZCA) Camera Addon[www.ezdok-software.com] Working. More info here.[forum.avsim.net]
GSX Ground Services[www.fsdreamteam.com] Requires SimConnect
To be updated

Professional Flight Planner X[www.flightsimsoft.com]
FlightSim Commander[www.fscommander.com]
SkyVector Aeronautical Charts / Planning [skyvector.com]
To be updated

Navigation Charts Worldwide[www.allanville.com]
SkyVector Aeronatical Charts[skyvector.com]
To be updated

Video Training
Angle of Attack[www.flyaoamedia.com]
In-game Training
FSFlyingSchool[www.fsflyingschool.com] Steam Edition compatible
FSX for pilots: Real World Training[www.amazon.com]
Bill Bulfer's Boeing 737 / 777 guides[www.cockpitcompanion.com]
To be updated

Virtual Air Traffic
AI Traffic
World of AI[www.world-of-ai.com]
Ultimate Traffic 2[www.flight1.com]
ICE AI Traffic[www.iceaitrafficgroup.altervista.org]
To be updated

Besides payware, there is also a huge amount of FSX content available for free. Check the following websites:
Best Quality Freeware FSX aircraft[msflights.net]
20 Best Free FSX addons[flyawaysimulation.com]
Reddit FSX Freeware list
http://forum.avsim.net Free registration required

See this thread: Addons that are working fine



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Igra je baš zahtevna™, ne u smislu neke softversko - hardverske komplikacije (ima i toga) koliko traži posvećenost i ceo proces učenja. Najzad sam izvalio šta je pravi tutorijal u igrici (Learning centar a ne Missions) i sad letim sa instrukotrom... Puno detalja, puno stvari o kojima treba voditi računa i sve to doprinosi da pojedinac stekne uvid koliko je zapravo složeno letenje i koliko piloti moraju da rade na sebi i da se usavršavaju ceo radni vek.


Džojstik stvarno daje osećaj da se "let" drži u svojim rukama a vibracije dopunjuju osećaj u celosti. Igram po malo, da mi legne naučeno i ostavi prostora za dalju nadogradnju.


Na twitch-u ima par dobrih strimera a ja nikako da se registrujem i da se prijavim na njihove strimove jer ljudi lete i dele znanje sa pratiocima, čim uhvatim - postaviću.

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Igra je baš zahtevna™, ne u smislu neke softversko - hardverske komplikacije (ima i toga) koliko traži posvećenost i ceo proces učenja.



ovo je moj priručni pre-flight check & setup za pmdg 747 (rjaa-ksfo let), izvukao samo najbitnije :D



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Prosp, kojim redosledom se nadograđuje root FSX instalacija? Šta prvo da instaliram i jel to nešto zahtevno ili se sadržaj kopira u neki folder samom instalacionom aplikacijom ili ja to radim?

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ja imam samo SP1 koji je u jednom exe fajlu i koji sam prepoznaje gde je root instalacija


meni je ona na D:/FSX/ a ne u C:/Program Files/ i prepoznaje automatski bez problema



ako na to misliš...

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Meni ne učitava skripte (skriptovane scenarije) za Learning centar, pa onda kad učitam nešto iz tog menija, samo me baci u avion i ja onako plutam. Baš sam se smorio. 

Edited by James Marshall
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ja imam samo SP1 koji je u jednom exe fajlu i koji sam prepoznaje gde je root instalacija


meni je ona na D:/FSX/ a ne u C:/Program Files/ i prepoznaje automatski bez problema



ako na to misliš...


ne više šta se sve posle default instalacije instalira. evo, sad vidim od tebe da ima neki SP1? možda ja to ne moram da instaliram jer imam ovaj STEAM edition?

šta instaliram sledeće? okruženja, aerodrome, avione?


recimo hoću da poboljšam grafički efekat samog letenja, primera rad?

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  • 1 year later...

Hajde da ovo ovde stavim.




Sa pojavom ovog dokumenta, postaje realnije da neko sedne i napravi modul koji će omogućiti letenje ovom lepom mašinom. 

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