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Sam Mendes: [on Stanley Kubrick] Of course, his films are all chilling. 2001 blew away the three act structure, but his other films are equally unique. We are only now catching up. :lolol:Groucho Marx: [asked in 1975 if he'd seen any recent movies] I saw Jaws (1975). But I think it would have been funnier if a guppy had swallowed the boat instead of a shark.Jennifer Tilly: (1996) The first time I met Quentin Tarantino was so funny. He said, "Jennifer, there's something I've always wanted to ask you" and I'm thinking, "Which of my distinguished movies is he going to ask about". He goes, "Moving Violations (1985)! How did you do that scene in the anti-gravity chamber?" I thought he was making fun of me, but then I realized he was serious. My friend who was with me said, "How come I've never heard you mention Moving Violations?" So I brushed it off and said, "Well, it was like my first movie". Quentin went, "No, no, no, the first movie you ever did was No Small Affair (1984), with Jon Cryer and Demi Moore". And I'm thinking, "If you weren't Quentin Tarantino, I'd think you were a stalker".

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