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ja naletela, skinula, ali nisam mogla da skinem pass za pdf :( .


nego, ima svašta, uglavnom starijeg. kopirajt, jelte.

ipak, može se ponešto i pozajmiti.



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ima neko ovo?







Pain Don't Hurt: Fighting Inside and Outside the Ring Hardcover
by Mark Miller (Author), Shelby Jones (Autho


Pain Don’t Hurt is the no-holds-barred memoir from the only professional fighter in history to return to the ring after open-heart surgery, kickboxer Mark “Fightshark” Miller—an inspiring story of family, determination, and redemption.

In 2007, Mark Miller was a rising star in professional kickboxing, until a routine physical uncovered a serious condition that required open-heart surgery. The crisis helped to temporarily reunite his fractured family and made Miller more determined than ever to return to the kickboxing ring. But within a year, his parents and brother were all dead, and Miller’s fragile optimism imploded, sending him into a tailspin of drugs and alcohol.

Pain Don’t Hurt is a story of incredible tenacity, dedication, and hard work—how one fierce competitor overcame repeated obstacles to realize his dreams. Miller recounts stories ranging from his childhood spent in the Steelers locker room to the surprising life lessons he learned from other fighters to his triumphant return to fighting in a Moscow kickboxing ring. He talks sincerely about family and fatherhood—of the hard lessons about masculinity and violence learned from his father. He also offers an inspiring, exciting, and frank account of the fights—both in and out of the ring—that have shaped him.

A deeply personal account of guts, blood, and glory, Pain Don’t Hurt pays tribute to the never-say-die spirit embodied in a man who refuses to back down, no matter the odds.


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hvala tazo za pretragu. nisam sam shvatio jer i ne znam gde da trazim, tj. nikako da bukmarkujem te linkove.


vidim da ima ovaj sage journals affiliate ima ovu moju, pa sam se nadao da neko ima pristup tome..

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ček, to je samo ultrakratki prikaz knjige na pola strane, skinula sam sad, ali to je ono isto što možeš i sam da vidiš.


edit ako nemaš/hoćeš ovo http://cus.sagepub.com/content/early/2011/04/05/1749975511401270.abstract mogu da ti pošaljem, skinula sam sad.

ajoj, ja sam mislio da je to ceo PDF. bas sam pglu. idem po netu i zamajavam ljude da mi skidaju abstrakte za koje mislim da su knjige :isuse:


i go lie down before i hurt myself.


@ Apdajk


ne vredi, video sam al fali mi tacno celo poglavlje (178-198 str) o kulturnom pesimizmu koje me zanima.

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