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bad music for bad people

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Jim Jones, Pere Ubu Guitarist, Passed AwayJim Jones, Pere Ubu guitarist and Cleveland music legend, died February 18, 2008. Deteriorating health had forced Jones to leave the band in 1996, and although he had been ill for some time, the cause of death has not yet been released. Jones was an enthusiastic music fan and supporter whose influence greatly impacted the Cleveland scene and beyond.Jones was born in Cleveland in 1950. His music career started as a member of the Mayfield High School concert and marching bands. After a brief stint at community college, Jones started working at a shop called Record Rendezvous. In 1984, he opened his own store, Platter-Puss Records, which he sold after joining Pere Ubu. Throughout his life, he played with bands like The Mirrors (later The Styrenes), Foreign Bodies, Easter Monkeys, and The Wooden Birds. Before his death he had played and recorded with KNG NXN, Noble Rot, and Speaker\Cranker. He also worked as a studio producer for many local bands and composed electronic pieces for area dance and theater troupes.
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Danas sam pročitao. Dražen Vrdoljak. Neka mu je laka zemlja.Ono što je on pisao o muzici, za mene je bilo zakon.EDIT: Vršnjak.

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e jebigaPioneering rhythm and blues guitarist and songwriter Bo Diddley died Monday after having battled for months with problems with his heart, his agent told US media. He was 79. Diddley was hospitalized last year after a heart attack and later had a stent implanted to improve blood flow to his heart. He had also suffered a series of seizures and had been recovering at his home in Archer, southern Florida, when he died, Rolling Stone magazine reported, citing a spokesperson. Known as "The Originator" of rock and roll, Diddley is cited as a key transitional figure of blues into rock and a pioneer of the rock guitar style who influenced such other greats as Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. His dark glasses and signature box-shaped guitars became icons in the music industry after he topped the rhythm and blues charts in 1955 with "Bo Diddley." Some of his all-time hits include "Who Do You Love," "Before You Accuse Me," "Mona" and "I'm a Man." He was born December 30, 1928 in McComb, Mississippi. His name was Otha Ella Bates, which he later changed to Ellas McDaniel Diddley. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Umro SSaban Bajramovich NISS, 8. juna (Tanjug) - SSaban Bajramovich (72), "kralj" romske muzike, umro je danas na Klinici za kardiologiju nisskog Klinicckog centra, rekao je Tanjugu direktor klinike Jozef Glasnovich. Bajramovich je jutros primljen sa tesskim masivnim infarktom i zapoccetim kardiogenim ssokom, rekli su Tanjugu na Klinici za kardiologiju. U 95 odsto sluccajeva srccani ssok zavrssava se tragiccno, napomenuli su lekari i dodali da je Bajramovich bio tezzak srccani bolesnik. Prossle nedelje Bajramovichu je izdat uput za leccenje na Vojnomedicinskoj akademiji u Beogradu, ali lekarima na Klinici za kardiologiju nije poznato zassto on nije odmah otissao na leccenje. Bajramovicheva kucha visse puta je pljacckana, a poslednji put, prosslog meseca, kada je lopov odneo oko 650 evra, koje je, prema Ssabanovim reccima, ccuvao za leccenje. Bajramovich je autor visse od 350 originalnih romskih pesama. Bajramovicha je prossle srede u njegovoj kuchi posetio ministar rada i socijalne politike Rasim Ljijich i uruccio mu jednokratnu materijalnu pomoch od 100.000 dinara, koju je ministarstvo obezbedilo zajedno sa Nacionalnim savetom Roma.
jebiga. nije uspeo.:(
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Ogroman, ogroman gubitak...muzicka scena Srbije izgubila je jos jedan deo svoje umiruce eklekticnosti...a pevac tako gigantskog dijapazona emocija i toliko nepatvorene strasti ne moze se utrenirati, klonirati, obuciti. Ono sto je Saban imao neponovljivo je. Care, srecan put, hvala ti na svemu.

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Swedish jazz musician Esbj?rn Svensson, 44 years old, died during a diving accident yesterday outside of Vrmd? near Stockholm.He was in a company of divers on Saturday June 14th at a Swedish jetty/landing stage under supervision of a dive-leader when he was found severely injured at the bottom. Resuscitation was unsuccessful. The police will investigate the cause of Svensson's death. The announcement of the death came as a shock for the chairman of the Swedish Jazz Society: ?He was a big name way outside of Sweden."In 1995 and 1996 Esbj?rn Svensson was selected the jazz musician of the year in Sweden.Esbjorn Svensson Trio, or e.s.t. (not to be confused with Italian Band Electro Shock Therapy), is a Swedish jazz piano trio with Esbjorn Svensson (piano), Dan Berglund (double bass) and Magnus ?str?m (drums).e.s.t is renowned for its vibrant style--playing in rock venues to young crowds. It has achieved great commercial success and critical acclaim throughout Europe. From Gagarin's Point of View (ACT, 1999) started its international breakthrough, being the first e.s.t. album to be released outside of Scandinavia.
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