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Samo je 1 Sony -_- Linear PCM RecorderPCM-D12007 iF Design Gold AwardHiroki Oka, Sony Corporation, Creative CenterChief Art DirectorJunichi Nagahara, Sony Corporation, Creative CenterSenior Designericon_sonypcm_narrowweb__300x398,0.jpgThe PCM-D1 is a linear PCM recorder that was developed in response to user demand for those who wished to have a recorder with better recording performance than that of DAT recorders commonly used by professionals in the broadcasting and music industries.α7002007 iF Communication Design Awardimg_prize_visual-communication.jpgα (?alpha?) is a brand name for products associated with the digital single lens reflex camera systems with interchangeable lenses. To introduce the new brand, the designers positioned cinnabar as the brand color to symbolize the visual beauty delivered by digital imaging, and used the color to create a common identity for the camera body, lenses, and accessories. Inspiration was taken from the most distinctive characteristic of single lens reflex cameras, the lens mount halo, to establish a design identity. The icons developed were used in the communication design, to pursue the image of α -mount = cinnabar.

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