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Istorijski kviz


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Da ne bagujem više. :)8 jelena a.k.a. Jaguarova Kandža je bio vladar Misteka, jedne od najvećih civilizacija centralne Amerike u pre-Kolumbovsko doba. Fajtali se sa Actecima, koji su ih pokorili nešto pre dolaska prvih konkistadora. Vladao je krajem 11og i početkom 12og veka nove ere. :wub: info sa wikipedije: Born on the Mixtec Calendar date from which he got his name, 8 Deer was the son of the high priest of Tilantongo 5 Crocodile ?Sun of Rain?. His mother was Lady 9 Eagle ?Cocoa-Flower?, queen of Tecamachalco. He also had a brother 12 Earthquake ?Bloody Jaguar? and 9 Flower ?Copalball with Arrow? who were both faithful war companions of 8 Deer. He also had a half-sister 6 Lizard ?Jade-Fan?. First the fiancee and lover of 8 Deer himself, she was finally married to 8 Deer's archenemy 11 Wind ?Bloody Jaguar?, the king of the city "Xipe?s Bundle", also known as Red and White Bundle.Zašto moji nisu bili ovako originalni kad su mi davali ime. <_<

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su oni racunali bese od osnivanja carigrada :huh:
Ne, navodno po nastanku sveta, medjutim nisu bili ni blizu sto se tice godine <_< . Mali hint, ta godina koju oni smatraju kao godinu nastanka sveta se sabere sa nasom, 2007...
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