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Fransoa Žakob, iz "The Possible and the Actual":


The action of natural selection has often been compared to that of an engineer. This comparison, however, does not seem suitable. First ... the engineer works according to a preconceived plan. Second, an engineer who prepares a new structure does not necessarily work from older ones. The electric bulb does not derive from the candle, nor does the jet engine descend from the internal combustion engine. ... Finally, the objects thus produced de novo by the engineer, at least by the good engineer, reach the level of perfection made possible by the technology of the time.

In contrast to the engineer, evolution does not produce innovations from scratch. It works on what already exists, either transforming a system to give it a new function or combining several systems to produce a more complex one. If one wanted to use a comparison, however, one would have to say that this process resembles not engineering but tinkering, bricolage we say in French. While the engineer's work relies on his having the raw materials and the tools that exactly fit his project, the tinkerer manages with odds and ends. ... He uses whatever he finds around him, old cardboards, pieces of string, fragments of wood or metal, to make some kind of workable object. The tinkerer picks up an object that happens to be in his stock and gives it an unexpected function. Out of an old car wheel, he will make a fan, from a broken table a parasol.


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Izvod iz prirucnika za лепо писањe, краснопис...

Polovina 19. veka, inace rutina kojom je baratao i poslednji opstinski ћата...

Doduse, izem ti svet u kome je obican lep rukopis dospeo u umetnost... :nobles:

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