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Novak vs Australija


Da li Novak treba da dobije dozvolu da udje u Australiju  

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  1. 1. Da li Novak treba da dobije dozvolu da udje u Australiju

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  2. 2. Tko je kriv za celu situaciju

    • Novak
    • Australija
    • Viktorija
    • Teniska Asocijacija
    • Kreg Tili
    • Jbg

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58 minutes ago, milfisland said:

Koliko je "pamentan" pretpostavljam da nije potpisao predbračni ugovor, nego ga žena može odrat ako mu dojadi. A žena ga je naučila na grljenje drveća, antivax i onu sprdnju sa bosanskim piramidama.

Ništa neobično, po meni.

Dobar deo muških ima taman onakvu ženu kako i koliko Ego može da im izdrži, čovek se ženio spram sebe. 

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After his win at Melbourne Park, Lajovic displayed a Serbian flag emblazoned with Djokovic’s image and the words “like it or not, The Greatest of All Time.”

Lajovic said denying Djokovic the opportunity to defend his Australian Open title would only make Djokovic more determined to become the best ever tennis player.

“I think the way they treated him was terribly wrong. I think the decision itself was terribly wrong, and also the reason why they did it is also for me terribly wrong,” Lajovic sid. “I hope that in the future he will be the best tennis player in history, and that this will be only looked at as a setback on his path.”




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a ne znam za to ... videh da je bila teniserka ... zato sam je ovde stavio


cilj mi e da budu ovde oni koji su na bilo koji nacin rekli da nije u redu to sto su mu uradili a da su (bili) teniseri


btw ... fali mi zverev od danas

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Flavia Pennetta on his friend Djokovic: "He shouldn't have gone to Australia but Nole is a good man"


The queen of the Open Usa 2015 (the year in which the Serbian also won) played many years in the circuit together with the number one, very close to her husband Fabio Fognini: "I don't think this story will convince him to get vaccinated"



Flavia Pennetta is a good friend of Novak Djokovic: five years older than the number one in the world, the queen of the 2015 Open Usa (the year in which Djokovic also won) has played for many years on the circuit together with the Djoker. crossed to tournaments and frequented in the players lounges of the tennis world together with Fabio Fognini, married in 2016 and father of his three children, he is a close friend of the Serbian. Flavia's intervention helps us to understand the psychology of the man banished from Australia after eleven days of legal battle.

Flavia, who is Novak Djokovic for you?


“A friend, we've known each other for so long, there's a good relationship. And the relationship is excellent with Edoardo Artaldi and Elena Cappellaro, his agents, two excellent people ».

What is your idea of the Melbourne political case?

«I find it hard to understand ... Nole has always been different in all his choices, from food to friendships, he has always made very personal decisions, supported by his wife Jelena, always by his side. On the expulsion from Australia, what happened and how it matured, I have difficulty expressing myself: I am very sorry because I have no doubts that Djokovic is a good man, certainly not a public danger ».



It's a no vax in an increasingly vaccine-dependent world, though.

“His is a choice. With hindsight, of course, it would have been better to stay at home and not challenge Australia, a country that absolutely does not share this stance, which has emerged from a very long lock down, which has imposed punitive restrictive measures on its citizens. . He could have started the next season, and none of this would have happened ».

He was enticed by the record, from that 21st Grand Slam title that would allow him to overtake Federer and Nadal, perhaps.

«Nole has a great desire to make that record, the champions are like that, they have the fire that burns inside, like Serena Williams who turned 40 and yet does not give up. Great champions have no limits, or are unable to recognize them: this is their strength. Winning for them is a drug, an irresistible attraction. Did you see what happened as soon as he got his visa back? Nole left the refugee hotel and went to train. Only those who have an incredible focus on the goal behave like this ».

But if you, vaccinated, meet your friend Djokovic tomorrow, wouldn't you be a little embarrassed? Wouldn't you try to get him to get vaccinated?

“I have unvaccinated friends who are not named Novak Djokovic. I am for the freedom of choice: the decisions I make for myself and my children are personal, there are mothers who got vaccinated during pregnancy and I instead waited to give birth, so that my choice did not also fall on my daughter. I think so, but I don't affect anyone. In Nole, if I had him here, I would say: my friend, you are a fool, you could have stayed at home quietly with your wife and your children! ».

Don't you think that in this circumstance Djokovic, in his unbridled ambition, has demanded too much? If he had been allowed to play the Australian Open he would have been the only one not vaccinated out of 128 players, including her husband Fabio.

«Yes, but now they are punishing him a lot, too much. They are treating him like a criminal. Of course he shouldn't have put himself in a position to be expelled from the Australian government, but now everyone is good at saying it. Do you know what I would have done? Leaving the airport with a visa in my pocket, I would have gone for a good sweat on the central Australian Open, I would have taken a photo with my staff and I would have called a press conference in the largest room: dear Australians, I had come to play tennis, it was not my intention to harm anyone, I am very sorry to have been misunderstood, see you next year ».

Among other things, his friends Edoardo and Elena come out as responsible for the error in filling out the travel form approaching Melbourne: Djokovic said that the fault lies with his agents.

"I regret this, but don't let me talk about it ... I heard Edo and Elena, two very correct and precise people, they are touched and sorry for the whole affair, for years they have lived in symbiosis with Nole and her staff, now they are a big family".

It must not be easy to be next to a personality like Djokovic.

«You can give all the good advice you want, but then a 34-year-old adult man who has been able to overturn the hierarchies of world tennis decides. He does not lack personality ».



It remains to be understood how Djokovic intends to participate in the next tournaments, starting with Indian Wells and Miami, in the USA, which ask for the vaccine ...

"I have no idea: unvaccinated it will be a hell of a life."

Will he emerge transformed from this story, as you know him, the Djoker?

«I see him deeply affected as a man , for him to be pilloried must have been an unspeakable suffering. He is a strong being, Nole, but also very sensitive ».

Do you think what happened will convince him to get vaccinated?

"I doubt it. He will remain faithful to himself, perhaps even more than before ».

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