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Umiruca istina

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Obama insisted: “For democracy to work, we have to believe in an objective reality, you have to believe in facts. Without facts there is no basis for cooperation. If I say this is a podium and you say this is an elephant, it is going to be hard for us to cooperate.”





I onda takodje tacno.



“The previous structure of powers of injustice and exploitation never went away, they were never fully dislodged,” he said. “For all the shining skyscrapers, entire neighbourhoods, cities, regions and nations have been by-passed. For far too many people the more things have changed, the more things stayed the same”.

“An explosion in inequality” remained unaddressed, he said. “A few dozen individuals control the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of humanity. That’s not an exaggeration. It’s a statistic.”



I, onda, da poentira:



Part of this global elite – rightwing billionaires - were now “cynically funding populist movements that fed on fears that economic insecurity was slipping away, their social status was eroding, their cultural identity was being threatened by outsiders by someone that did not speak like them”.



Dakle, Obamin zakljucak je da su problem "right-wing billionaires". Oni su krivi za nejednakost, docim je, recimo, Bezos do jaja. 


I, onda:



Warning the world was at a crossroads, he insisted liberal democracy and co-operation had a better story to tell, but said that this could only work if the rich paid more in tax, stopped avoiding paying tax or and stopped blinding themselves to the consequences of decisions taken in boardrooms. “The struggle for basic justice is never truly finished,” he said.



Sta je zakljucak?


Da je Obama i cela elita nekonzistentna, jer problem vidi u "right-wing billionaires", docim su "rich" u poslednjem pasusu neki tamo neidentifikovani. Prosto, nece da moze: Ne, nisu jedini rich braca Koch, vec i oni koji su drustven liberalno nastrojeni. Izbegavajuci da ih pomenes kao deo problema (Goldman Sachs, Amazon i sl.) samo zato sto su finansirali tvoju i Klintonovu kampanju ti sam sebe postavljas kao deo problema a ne resenja.


To mozda nije direktno negiranje istine, ali jeste izbegavanje iste: precizan u tvrdnjama u odnosu na tvoje neprijatelje a bolno generalan i neuverljiv kada treba zakaciti i deo sopstvene koalicije.


Naravno, onda, da bela radnicka i niza srednja klasa ne moze Obami i slicnima da veruje pa joj ostaje da "cling to the guns" i sopstveni frust utopi u Trampu i opijadima.



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