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Lord Of the Rings


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On 10.3.2019. at 23:04, porucnik vasic said:

Атлас се сматра канонским. Одлично је урађен. И без њега Силмарилион је потпуно нечитљив.

Sad sam ga kupio. Držim te za reč

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  • 1 year later...
  • *CONFIRMED* for the 1st time EVER: elements & passages from “The Silmarillion” and “Unfinished Tales” are licensed by Amazon Studios for this adaptation [we broadly speculate those are sections of the book relative to Númenor and Rings of Power including full rights to stories licensed in the Appendices of “The Lord of the Rings,” which already mention Númenor and much more. Actors had posted instagram pics from Silm over the last 18 months.]
  • Amazon DOES have merchandising rights
  • Three lore experts / Tolkien scholars were on set for a time during production
  • Tolkien Estate is said to be very happy with how things are progressing
  • Men, Elves and Dwarves have their own sequestered production units for the different Free Peoples [this intriguing bit rather suggests the narrative might be constructed across wide time jumps or told from pockets of different historical viewpoints, perhaps even an anthology approach rotating characters from the various Free Peoples all reacting to the same thing, or just not cooperating with each other in Season 1: but over what timelines we still do not know].
  • Scripts are only digitally shared among actors and crew under draconian control mechanisms to track any persons who could access them
  • There is a fake production team shooting decoy footage on fake sets unrelated to the real Production – [thus making some “reports of location sightings” false leads by tricksy hobbitses and we must admit this is very clever indeed! Peter Jackson never used decoys!]
  • Main unit wrapped shooting in April 2021; while many actors are back in the U.K. or are now on other productions
  • J.A. Bayona’s episodes are a standalone entry point to the series [like a feature film]
  • There are more incredible directors and big stars yet to be announced
  • LOTR & Wheel of Time are sharing crew & directors
  • They are aiming for a mid-2022 release [that is only one short year away and must mean the pressure on Post Production must be remarkable]
  • Some Halflings are dark skin precursors to Shire-hobbits quite possibly “one of three somewhat different breeds” maybe Harfoots; [described by Tolkien in the Prologue to LOTR ‘Concerning Hobbits’ pg. 12: “they were browner of skin,” and also “they moved westward early,” alluding to a time in their Wandering Days, or perhaps earlier when they kept no records of their journeys over the Misty Mountains westward (which may explain a little of why any early antecedents of pre-Shire migration hobbits would appear here in the Second Age instead of Third Age narrative)]
  • Sir Lenny Henry portrays one such early halfling [Harfoot]
  • Celebrimbor the ringmaker has been recast
  • Tom Budge was in that role
  • Certain creatures are referred to as Ice Trolls because they can’t be called Cave Trolls (Warner Bros. licensing restriction)
  • Nudity is sparse and not sexualized— contrary to earlier concerns: but rather this artistic choice represents very dark thematic material suggestive of concentration camp-type visuals of victims, a harrowing portrayal of the corruption of the Elves by dark powers to ultimately become Orcs
    Editors note: if this plays out fully it will may well be one of the most ambitious things undertaken by this production and perhaps by anyone attempting to adapt Tolkien
  • Elves will have short/ shorter hairstyles [cue the Twitter threads, both pro and con, and the voting polls, and endless constellations of lovely fan art, so please bring it fans; I’m here for it]
  • Sauron/Annatar will not be revealed in Season One [going with the oldest axiom of show business “Always leave them wanting more.”]


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Ne znam, meni sama ideja o seriji i tolikoj nadogradnji ima jedan fantastican potencijal da tokom vremena ubije svu car originalnog romana. I ovako deca nista zivo ne citaju vise, a sad kad im slupaju nesto za sta bi Tolkinu trebalo 50 000 stranica u nekoliko desetina sati programa... Ceo projekat je potpuno nepotreban i meni deluje samo, jedino i iskljucivo kao izraz pohlepe da se iscedi sto pre i poslednji dinar iz Tolkinove zaostavstine.


Ja nikad nisam svario filmove Hobita. Ne znam ni da li sam ih uopste odgledao osim na preskok. Nezapamceno silovanje originala - Hobit koji je sav od price i narativa, sav "zemljan", sveden je na jurnjavu, specijalne efekte i vizuelna izdrkavanja.

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1 minute ago, chandra said:



Ja nikad nisam svario filmove Hobita. Ne znam ni da li sam ih uopste odgledao osim na preskok. Nezapamceno silovanje originala - Hobit koji je sav od price i narativa, sav "zemljan", sveden je na jurnjavu, specijalne efekte i vizuelna izdrkavanja.



Gospodara mogu uvek da sednem i da gledam, ali Hobita ne mogu... Nema one mistike koju knjiga nosi, ni u naznakama...


Gledaću ja ovo Amazonovo čudo, ali ne očekujem bog zna šta, osim da popizdim...

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Puno ce zavisiti od produkcije i ljudi koji budu vodili projekat, kao i od toga koliko ce Amazon da se mesa u snimanje i da gura neke svoje nebuloze.


Lotr i Hobit su bas odlicni primeri, dok je u Lotru Dzekson imao svu slobodu, u Hobitu je studio preterano razjebao stvari, na silu su prosirili filmove sa planirana dva dela na tri, na pola produkcije prvog makli Del Tora i vratili Dzeksona, onda mu sugerisali da menja fokus sa patuljaka na Barda i vilenjake. Bas onako cist primer kako ne treba raditi stvari. 

Amazon mi u ovih par serija sto sam gledao ne deluje da to radi, no videcemo, uvek postoji mogucnost da Elrond bude gej crnkinja, zbog rasno/seksualnog kljuca, ko zna.


Inace podloska za seriju jebe mame i ima potencijal da bude nesto najbolje ikada.

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