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Vučić, jedno novo i drugačije presidency?

Hamlet Strašni


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2 hours ago, borris_ said:

Ovo je citav tekst, napisala ga Milica Cubrilo

Evo i mašinskog prevoda na engleski (by deepl):


This whistleblower who worries the Serbian government

Aleksandar Obradovic, who denounced the arms sales of relatives of President Vucic, is being prosecuted by the authorities.


By Milica Cubrilo
Published on 2 December 2019 at 16:42, updated on 2 December 2019 at 16:42


"It's a cry of conscience. I wanted to denounce the money pumping system set up in my factory for the benefit of families close to the top of the state," explains Aleksandar Obradovic, a stoic and affable employee of the Krusik arms factory, sitting upright in the small apartment of a commonplace building on the courtyard.


The whistleblower splashed on President Vucic's protégés and senior officials of his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). He pays the price: imprisoned on 18 September last, he was released on 14 October under public pressure, but has since been under house arrest, banned from the Internet, earning only a quarter of his salary. His sin is to have shared documents with the Balkan Insight and Arms Watch investigation sites, showing that the arms trading company GIM, linked to the father of the Minister of the Interior, Branko Stefanovic, benefited from preferential tariffs, to the detriment of the public company SDPR.

"As soon as the question was asked to President Vucic on 17 September last, I knew they would come and get me. I didn't sleep that night," recalls the 40-year-old. The next day, twelve intelligence officers, in civilian clothes but armed, drove jeeps into the factory. Handcuffed, interrogated, his home searched, he was handed over to cybercrime inspectors. "I found myself locked in a police station, with a buzzing head, but as if relieved to have put the USB key back on. At 11 p.m., I was able to call my family, who were dismayed. I had kept everything to myself all these years," he says.


The former 1.90m basketball player is entitled to one hour of outing per day, which he uses for brisk walking, to fight against severe migraines. From now on, he spends his days in photography. His wife and 8-year-old son, who needs specialized medical care, live in Belgrade, the capital, 100 km to the northeast. His father visits him daily. The union is silent, and the courageous colleagues can be counted on the fingers of one hand. "The atmosphere of fear was created when Director Mladen Petkovic arrived in January 2014, a former handler, a senior member of the SNS, who had just taken power. He immediately put the 100 oldest workers to bed, hired more than 1500 unskilled, obedient workers," he says.

1.5 million mines

Aleksandar Obradovic moves from sales to packaging, and his mother, who was the head of the financial department, retires early. In the following years, orders increased sharply for Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. More than 1.5 million mines. A godsend for the plant, 90% of which was destroyed during the NATO bombings in 1999. Despite this, Krusik's coffers remain empty and the accounts are finally blocked in 2018. "On the other hand, the families of the director, the father of the Minister of the Interior and another arms dealer and generous SNS financier, Slobodan Tesic, are getting rich," says Aleksandar Obradovic. Indignant, he collected documents, followed the flights of planes carrying weapons that he knew were unsophisticated and of Russian standard, and therefore likely to end up in Syria and Yemen. Then he alerts the media.


"The spy" and civil society

For the State, the Serbian Don Quixote is not a whistleblower, but a spy who has revealed professional secrets. President Vucic insists on it. Just as he denies the involvement of his Interior Minister's "father". As a result, the opening of judicial information on Krusik's malpractice is taking time. "The public prosecutor, without integrity, controls the entire system," says Goran Ilic, vice-president of the Prosecutors' Commission. "My client shed light on the functioning of an organized crime group that monopolized the arms trade with the complicity of the government, thus fulfilling its civic duty to inform about a crime," says lawyer Vladimir Gajic, who is calling for release.


It can be refused until "the legal end of the procedure", and this can last for years. In the meantime, citizens are mobilizing, signing petitions and demonstrating, while all national television channels and the regime's tabloids mock the "spy" and his family. "I have more confidence in the free media than in justice. It is civil society that gives me the strength, and it is opinion that is my best defense," says Aleksandar Obradovic, who is uncomfortable with his new notoriety.



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Evo mogu misliti koliko ih zanima šta on misli :lolol:

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chuj odbio, mogu da zamislim kako se skenja kad ga putin samo pogleda. mislim u pozitivnom smislu :hihi:


samo sad treba suzana da smisli kako da nam kaze.

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James Marshall

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malo pre vrtim ja kanale... ispricao da kada je bio na paradi za dan pobede u rusiji on je gledao (ko tele u sarena vrata), a putin mu je rkao sta valja i sta bi trebao  da kupi. onda se vratio kuci i rekao je nasima sta to treba da kupimo. dogovorili se dva eksperta, sta on ima tu da prica sa nekim u ministarstvu, vojsci, skupstinu,tango six... ma moze i na ppp forum, bar. jebe se njemu- rek'o mu bacuska.


imam neki osecaj da nam za par godina stize nuklearna podmornica (najveca u regionu) i skolski jedrenjak (da li treba da pominjem region i velicinu broda?).


jedrenjak ce da bude na vezu nasuprot BGnaH2O. bice lepse od splavova, a i kada se vozi sa nekim gostom preko brankovog on ce da im komandujem rubni pozdrav, pa kada cela posada vikne ura gosti ce da padaju u nesvest.

kako je to gotivno kada mozes da kazes 'jebe mi se za to sta misle ljudi koji su placeni da znaju vise od mene o necemu. znam ja po osecaju koji me nikada nije zajebao (i ono sa klintonovima bi bilo ok da nisu pokrali izbore) i putina za ortaka (nikad on mene ne bi zajebao da mi uvali nesto, a i zna oko te gvozdjurije'

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1 hour ago, foto said:


malo pre vrtim ja kanale... ispricao da kada je bio na paradi za dan pobede u rusiji on je gledao (ko tele u sarena vrata), a putin mu je rkao sta valja i sta bi trebao  da kupi. onda se vratio kuci i rekao je nasima sta to treba da kupimo. dogovorili se dva eksperta, sta on ima tu da prica sa nekim u ministarstvu, vojsci, skupstinu,tango six... ma moze i na ppp forum, bar. jebe se njemu- rek'o mu bacuska.



Nekad se to zvalo "kupi ciglu"

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