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Za 70 200 RSD, danas je kupljeno:


22 bags of red lentils

2kg = 44kg 5 bags of regular lentils

2kg =10kg 35 bags of regular lentils

500gr =17.5kg

20 bags of white beans

5kg = 100kg

17 bags of red beans

5kg = 85kg

2,000+ spoons


i dostavljeno u Žarkovo, direktno ljudima kojima treba.
















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Skoro 20,000 obroka drugari :)


I pitali su nas da li bi mogli da ponovimo


I wanted to say thank you again for your kind donation of today. It definitely helps us out a lot.


With your donation of 71,5 kg of lentils we can cover 4 days and therefor serve 3600 portions. The beans (185 kg) will last for 18 days and in these days we serve 16 200 portions to people on the street.

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Tražili smo da nam (isti ljudi) naprave koje su njihove potrebe na sedmičnom nivou. Ovo su poslali:

From metro we need per week:

63 kg of lentils
70 kg of beans 
7500 of Spoons
12 l of Oil
10 Tins chopped tomatoes 
Spices: Ginger pouder, curry, cinnamon, salt, bay leaves, paprika, chili

Any of this that you would cover helps us out. We could also come by van to metro and pick the stuff we always use and make the shop faster for you. As you wish. We really appreciate all the help and are truly thankful.


Na računu imamo oko 30000, ako ima ima neko sa kolima i dva sata vremena, možemo da ih utrošimo na to.

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