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Domaći rep

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17 hours ago, bags said:

Nije mi bas leglo. Ko je bio K.Z. ?


Ja sam prvo posmilio da je nesto francusko od ovog lika:





SCH – KARIM (posvećeno Karimu)
From SCH album Deluge And After (2005)
(Lyrics by Darko Cvijanovic)
Composed by Teno

Hello friend
I think of you a lot
Every time I have enough peace to remember
Y’know, world is not a better place to be a member
People swim in Deseases, Tsunamis and storms
Those globally fucked-up deforms
Still kill each other, eat each other in this pot.
Shit buddy, sorry I bother you with this talk
I am still that old bitter fuck and I miss you a lot
It’s just not the same without you.
I’ve seen places you always dreamed of
I’ve been in Palomar and Gotham
I slept in Arkham and walked Dreamlands
With all the sand and with the Man
Yeah, I even played chess with Death
But I didn’t see you



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Cane Vukic Prebranac


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Stadion Radnicki Nis

To je lokacija



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Кристофер Лумумбо


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46 minutes ago, theanswer said:

ništa škabo maestro podzemni ko metro?




Koliko god mi ide na kurac cela BSBS ekipa, osvežavajuće je opet čuti stari dobri besni srpski rep sa pesnicom-u-glavu ritmom...smaraju više ovi anestezirani poluautotjunovani treperi

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Dobar Skabo, uvek bio.

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Da li je ovo prva domaca rep pesma?



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