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Hoću da budem programerka

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odličan tekst od gospodina Ky Hollanda, koji je proveo neko vreme u Srbiji



prilično fino locira, po meni, suštinski problem startup "scene" u Srbiji.


About half of my meetings were with entrepreneurs, most in early stages of company development.  With very rare exceptions, these entrepreneurs were working a regular job that allowed them to work on their startup as a “wanna-preneur” or as I started to call many of them, “hobby-preneurs“. Without access to experienced private angel investors, I found that these entrepreneurs were not getting the critical feedback of someone that has run a business, invested their own personal money, or who could provide “smart money” support in the form of contacts, vendors, market intelligence and mentoring.


inače, bio sam na jednom od njegovih workshopova. jako zanimljiv tip, nikakva "ložana" već baš naprotiv.


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