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Bolje od originala?



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dobra ^


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This video was taken the day after my surgery to remove my right breast in an attempt to save my life from breast cancer. It is a life experience I will carry with me always. I wanted to capture something from the most vulnerable place live and direct from my hospital bed to help others feel strong in the same position. Also the sunset was perfect. I don’t even really know the words without singing along with Curtis but they just filled my heart and were soo on point in the moment. Bender worked the chords out in like two seconds like a boss. It was filmed by my beautiful gem of a friend and manager Scott Barkham. “The Makings of You” has been such a savior to my diagnosis sanity and the first thing I wanted to sing as soon as my body could handle it. Please check the original by the great Curtis Mayfield and it’s orchestral beauty, elegance and grace. 🔥🌹🔥


divna Nai :heart:

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Mark Stewart (The Pop Group, New Age Steppers) - Vocals

Mike Watt (Minutemen, Dos, Firehose) - Bass Guitar

KK Null - Noise FX

Patrick Luke (Sonskrif Media) - Guitar / Drums / Arrangement



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original paul westerberg...btw sa distance od 20 i kusur godina, pocinjem ozbiljno misliti da su devedesete bile najbolja muzicka dekada, nazalost medijski su izignorisane najbolje stvari kao npr


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