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Kinda related.







1. Stoney Street by AMON TOBIN

2. "It all began with a beautiful pass from Cantona…" from Looking for Eric (2010) by Ken Loach

3. "He'll grow up big, at least. Make a good football player. No. A doctor. Footballer! Doctor! You're not wrecking his life!" from Gregoire Moulin contre l'Humanite (2001) by Artus de Penguern

4. Svensk Sas by TODD TERJE

5. "He can win alone. Winning is going to take teamwork" from Shaolin Soccer (2001) by Stephen Chow_foot 3'20

6. Brazil (Gold Panda Remix) by LUKE ABBOTT

7. "It's come to my attention that lately, I've noticed a general, blatant disregard for our game plan" from Kicking and Screaming (2005) by Noah Baumbach

8. Run Run Run (Ada remix) by THE NOTWIST

9. "Because you ve never won any of them fairly. You've done it all by bloody cheating." from The Damned United (2009) by Tom Hooper

10. Freak, Go Home by DARKSIDE

11. "Go! If you can kick an egg without breaking it, you can play with us." from Shaolin Soccer (2001) by Stephen Chow

12. You'll Find A Way (Switch and Sinden Remix) by SANTIGOLD

13. "Remember, there is no "I" in team, but there is I in win!" from Kicking and Screaming (2005) by Noah Baumbach 20'40

14. Black Out Days by PHANTOGRAM

15. "He is so tick, man! - Innit, innit? I know! He's taking his shirt off! A body like that needs an X certificate warning!" from Joue-la comme Beckham (2002) by Gurinder Chadha

16. All Eyes on you by ST LUCIA

17. "Well, they wouldn't have played football that way if they were happy." from The Damned United (2009) by Tom Hooper

18. Damage I've done by MODERAT

19. "Where have you learn to do that? When I was a boy, in Trinidad, on the streets, with oranges" from Escape to Victory (1981) by John Huston

20. "Coach, what are we doing out here? We're bonding. We're becoming a team. Surviving the elements, here in the backyard." from Kicking and Screaming (2005) by Noah Baumbach

21. Foundations by NLF3

22. "You use that bloody American style. We don't play the bloody American game. Get off. Hey, what kind of game is this? For old ladies and fairies?" from Escape to Victory (1981) by John Huston

23. Mac by JEAN JEAN

24. Never Meant by AMERICAN FOOTBALL

25. "A good seat in stand B. I’m interested. How much? 300 F. What are you? Mad? Hey, it’s full. Do you want to see the game or not?" from A mort l'arbitre (1983) by Jean-Pierre Mocky

26. Chevalier Bulltoe by TOTORRO

27. "What's your secret? They just have the best coach. So you're confident that your team will win again? Are you new? Don't ask stupid questions." from Shaolin Soccer (2001) by Stephen Chow

28. Photograph by DAMAGED BUG

29. The Struggle Against Unreality by MATMOS

30. "Getting beaten up by football hooligans is like having VD: the fuckin' pain goes on forever." from The Football Factory (2004) by Nick Love

31. Seething by MAX COOPER

32. Grattitude by TEEBS

33. "You're not watching the match? No, why? No reason. When I heard, I thought they were kidding. You're queer, is that it? I've nothing against it." from Gregoire Moulin contre l'Humanite (2001) by Artus de Penguern

34. "Obviously, all eyes will be on us to see how things have changed. New outlook. New discipline. New approach. Let's see some of you playing with a smile." from The Damned United (2009) by Tom Hooper

35. "If you can get up here, dont try and run through dont try and be a hero and get a goal yourself, lets center I want up there, and I want you to pass pass, always pass…" from Escape to Victory (1981) by John Huston

36. Do your best by JOHN MAUS

37. "If we win this one we will go to the finals. Don't underestimate your enemy." Shaolin Soccer (2001) by Stephen Chow

38. Santa Maradona (Larchuma Football Club) by MANO NEGRA

39. "Diego nostro che sei in terra, santificato sia il tuo sinistro, dacci oggi l'allegria e perdona quei giornalisti come noi perdoniamo la mafia napoletana. Non ci lasciare sporcare il pallone e liberaci da Havelange" from Maradona (2008) by Emir Kusturica

40. You Were Wrong by SD LAIKA

41. "Keegan has been poleaxed and it was a right hook. That's a terrible foul... A face of English football we do not want to see." from The Damned United (2009) by Tom Hooper

42. "He's a super player, that Romanian you brought us. Coco, one day I'm going to rip off your head and use your ponytail... to give you a tail. It will be an improvement." from Didier (1997) by Alain Chabat

43. You Would Give Me Kiss If I Were on Soccer Team by GROUP X

44. "Right... the tactics are simple. Get stuck into the shits! We'll show them if we've got small dicks! Technique doesn't win matches, hate wins matches." from Coup De Tête Patrick (1979) by Jean-Jacques Annaud

45. Half Time by MOGWAI

46. "He that sews thistles shall reap prickles. If they are faster than you, don't try and outrun them." from Looking for Eric (2010) by Ken Loach

47. La Traversée by OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE

48. "You either win and go on to greatness, or you lose. And probably face a series of cataclysmic events for the rest of your lives." from Kicking and Screaming (2005) by Noah Baumbach


50. "You know what your job is today? Yes, boss. Stay in position. Keep the shape. Stop being the wandering Jew. Good lad." from The Damned United (2009) by Tom Hooper

51. Rise to Glory by EARTH

52. "African football, tribute to Roger Milla" from Le Ballon d'or (1994) by Cheik Doukouré

53. Black Spider by MOGWAI

54. "A perfect technical move… or a "juke", as it's called in our soccerist jargon." from Didier (1997) by Alain Chabat

55. "Zidane headbutts Materazzi in extra time of the 2006 World Cup Final" from TV

56. Forgiveness by OUGHT

57. "Hey Perrier, come up here! Maybe you'll see better!" from Didier (1997) by Alain Chabat

58. Infrared by ARAB STRAP

59. Erreur Humaine by PAWS

60. Weber Goal (2-2) - England Vs. West Germany 1966 World Cup Final

61. This is Huge by CAMILLA SPARKSSS

62. "All in all, just, yeah, good. Good-Good group effort. Were you watching the same game?" from Kicking and Screaming (2005) by Noah Baumbach

63. You show great spirit by PRURIENT

64. "So here is the referee, right? We’ll strip the referee butt naked. And shove his whistle up his arse, so he can blow bubbles." from A mort l'arbitre (1983) by Jean-Pierre Mocky

65. No Sorrowing by BEN FROST

66. "How dumb is a mob, right? They follow the craziest guy and there’s always one." from A mort l'arbitre (1983) by Jean-Pierre Mocky

67. Trophy Scars by CONVERGE

68. "At Trincamp, football stars can rape girls or chairmen's wives, so… I chose yours, Mr Chairman." from Coup De Tête Patrick (1979) by Jean-Jacques Annaud

69. A winner every time by OXBOW

70. "My players were heroic out there tonight. Effectively we were playing the Italian champions with a reserve team. That many of our first team are injured…" from The Damned United (2009) by Tom Hooper

71. Hymn To The Pillory by NOTHING

72. "Goodbye" from Olive & Tom - Episode 56

73. Illuminated by ARTO LINDSAY

74. "I just flicked it with the outside of my boot. Surprised everyone. He took it in his stride and my heart soared. A gift. Yeah, like an offering to the Great God of Football." from Looking for Eric (2010) by Ken Loach

75. "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into theVIRG sea." by Eric Cantona


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porucnik vasic

Na temu one ludace Ann Coutler


The Atlantic

Тупост америчког естаблишмента. На обе стране. 

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John Coltrane

@ Weenie


Videh na fb ili tw da je i Baloteli pozirao pored Sukijevog postera:D

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Soccer is like the metric system, which liberals also adore because it's European. Naturally, the metric system emerged from the French Revolution, during the brief intervals when they weren't committing mass murder by guillotine.

Despite being subjected to Chinese-style brainwashing in the public schools to use centimeters and Celsius, ask any American for the temperature, and he'll say something like "70 degrees." Ask how far Boston is from New York City, he'll say it's about 200 miles.

Liberals get angry and tell us that the metric system is more "rational" than the measurements everyone understands. This is ridiculous. An inch is the width of a man's thumb, a foot the length of his foot, a yard the length of his belt. That's easy to visualize. How do you visualize 147.2 centimeters?


Pedalj, hvat, lakat...  Sve, sve, ali... fudbal kao SI sistem... :jerry:

Jbt, ja bih umro od blama, da sam napisao ono djubre od pre neku stranu.


Ali, jbga, soker je levicarska igra, amerika je prirodno desno orijentisana, sta ce nama ovaj strani virus u nasem ubermansch telu. To je za levicarske pickice, pedere i one kurvice od soker mama sto se jebu s komsijama i postarima po sabarbijama...


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Weenie Pooh


Fantastično :D Benoit, seoski đilkoš, zasluženo osvojio.


Celu tu glupost sa poziranjem u poluokretu i prekrštanjem ruku kao da su smislili Benioff & Weiss lično.

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