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Sportski laugh i wtf topic

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Bio je 28+ minuta na golu, nije sala. Plus je Carolina imala samo 4-3, na pocetku trece trecine. Lepa prica (igrano je 22. februara, koliko videh). Imaju highlights na nhl.com.:happy:

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Cuo sam da NHL 'oce da menja to sa Emergency goalie, steta, to su bas zanimljivi momenti, retko se desavaju, a bude zabavno.


Inace mrknuli smo opet Caps u DC, na poen od vrha divizije, 7 u nizu. :thumbup:

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With just a few seconds left on the shot-clock, he grabbed the ball, and when D’Angelo realized the shot, Castillo caught the crossbar and quickly sank the goal! The ball hit the outer top of the net. Everybody, but Castillo, was confused at that moment. Everything happened in front of the TV cameras and Castillo became famous all around the world.

The referee didn’t know what to decide. He stopped the game and went to discuss the situation with the delegate and the FINA representatives because the sinking of the goal wasn’t in the rules. After the discussion, the referee awarded a penalty shot for Italy, because the situation was the closest thing to holding the goal to avoid the scoring of a goal.


ne može da se nađe snimak online.

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John Coltrane

Cuveni odgovor Krauca na pitanje "sta bi ste bili da niste fudbaler?" - "nevin" :D

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