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From the stern to the bow
Oh; my boat is empty
Yes, my heart is empty
From the hole to the how
From the rudder to the sail
Oh my boat is empty
Yes, my hand is empty
From the wrist to the nail
From the ocean to the bay
Oh, the sand is clean
Oh, my mind is clean
From the night to the day
From the stern to the bow
Oh, my boat is empty
Oh, my head is empty
From the nape to the brow
From the east to the west
Oh, the stream is long
Yes, my dream is wrong
From the birth to the death


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Izaslo mi u related videos. wow, nisam ni znao za ovu saradnju.   @Hermetico, @maheemovo obavezno da stavite u neki mix kada ga budete muckali..


u slavu mrtvih drugova podmornicara - dolby ovo napisao o svom dedi koji je nestao na podmornici u wwii



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