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nauci me nekom novom plesu...


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William Holden refused to do the dance sequence unless he was given an $8,000 "stuntman premium" and was allowed to do the scene while under the influence of alcohol. He didn't believe the studio would do either, but they wound up allowing both. In that scene he is actually intoxicated, and it still remains one of only four movies that he ever danced in.

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hvala vam na svim šarenolikim kontribjušnima, that's the spirit! kod linča uvek ima dosta materijala za ovaj topić, no i pored svih plemenitih plešućih midžeta i drndanja džuboksa uz dobar zalogaj pite sa višnjama meni ostade najfascinantniji jurgen prochnow sa svojim demagogičko-hipnagogičkim plesom svetlosti i tame u fire walk with me. hoćemo da pretpostavimo da skoro niko u istoriji filma nije uspeo da u jednoj sekundi toliko toga konvejuje a istovremeno završi i na opening credits sa zaista impozantnom ekipom (bouvi i ajzek su i dalje najseksi)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrof3j72EpA2:47

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carlitos way scena plesa uči životuovako se završava i šteta što nema cela scena na netuhttp://

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